Increased participation part of new point system

by Katherine Porras

After many complaints from student organizations here at Biscayne Bay Campus, the Student Organizations Council (SOC) has decided to make changes to the Participation Point System.

“We were receiving a lot of complaints from clubs that felt the point system was not inclusive,” said Didier Georges, president of the SOC. “The clubs felt that they were doing all these things and not receiving any credit for it.”

Georges also said that another problem with the previous point system was that it lacked uniformity with the Modesto Madique Campus (MMC) point system.

“With our new point system we hope to have more uniformity with [MMC],” Georges said, “right now by raising the maximum amount of points earned from 17 to 50 we are getting closer. [MMC] has a 75 points maximum and we’re trying to get closer.”

The special meeting, held on January 28th, began with Georges encouraging the various club representatives present.

“Go for it guys,” he said. “This is to help you guys out and to get your organization out there.”

He also pointed out that there are more requirements. This semester, involvement with the Center for Leadership and Service is required. There are extra points being awarded for participation in programs such as the Academy of Leaders or the Sisterhood Retreat.

According to Georges this semester Special Projects and Blue & Gold Spirit Points will also be mandatory.

“We want the organizations to not only be active in the SOC but throughout the entire FIU campus,” stated Georges.  “[Club members] can participate in events hosted by the Student Programming Council (SPC), pep rallies, Student Government Council events, sport games, or any shows.”

Regarding possible extra points, this semester club members will receive extra points for collaborating with another organization.

“We want to encourage you guys to work together,” Georges said. “You can host a special project and collaborate with another club and possibly double up your points.”

Georges ended the meeting with a thorough discussion of the new feature called the Over Achiever Category.

“It is designed so that club members who fulfill all requirements and earn all extra credit points possible can still earn some more,” Georges said.

The SOC has not said how much money each organization will receive per point.

“We cannot say right now because we do not know what the budget will be like,” Georges said.

Questions regarding the Point System can be directed to the Campus Life Office at 305-919-5804.