The State Of to be showcased at music festival

By: Yazmine Granthon/Columnist

Miami Music Festival is a yearly weekend conference held all around Miami in underground bars, clubs, lounges, and restaurants promoting emerging artists.

The festival attracts many artists around the World, but one important female duo that’s part of the conference is the State Of.

Catch them either on Friday, Nov. 12 at The Stage, 170 NE 38th St Midtown at midnight or Saturday, Nov. 13 at Gemma at 9:45 p.m., 529 Lincoln Road both at a cover charge of $10.

These two girls were always the talk from an old friend of mine. If she wasn’t blabbing about the vocals, it was about the upbeat drumming. I would constantly brush her off saying they aren’t the first of their kind, if she only knew how I would secretly listen to them, because in reality, they are.

The pair are Miami born natives consist of Steph Taylor, keyboardist, and Nabedi Osorio, drummer. They flow from ballads consisting of technical yet simple piano riffs to danceable percussion beats, covering a wide range of their fan base.

Influenced by bands like Radiohead and Bjork, both members have performed alongside various groups like Afrobeta and appeared in the Vans Warped Tour, where Osorio showcased her talents.

Miami New Times has also commented on the group stating, “the massive appeal of the State Of comes simply from variety.”

That really sets up the image I want you to get of this band. Although they may not consist of eight members rotating instruments, they’re able to elaborate on that simplistic style to really grab their audience’s attention. They move the focus from the melody to the harmony, really playing on the undertones of the music to transcend only into something greater.

These self-taught musicians met about a decade ago during a jam session, a group of musicians who get together and simply rock out, but quickly lost touch when Taylor in 2001 left the University of Florida to attend Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts.

While Taylor was off gaining a music degree, Osorio grew within the local community as a successful drummer. The two grew individually, gaining their own sense of what music really is to them. But when 2007 came, both musicians created a defined musical companionship.

Besides performing their original songs, Taylor and Osorio get the crowd going by performing famous covers by The Police, Madonna, and The Beatles. They even associate with the audience by having drinks and holding conversation during their set.

While they aren’t on the road the girls are able to find their element playing in laidback lounges so they can really mingle with their fans, so take advantage of their two performance dates this weekend.

Oh, and a tip, make sure you are up and dancing from the beginning of their set until the end and they may just dedicate a song to you.

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