Campus health services of high quality

By: Yanssel Garcia/Contributing Writer

When it comes to getting medical checkups and prescriptions, the University Health Services Complex should be the first place that every student goes to. The UHSC provides quick service, cheaper prices on prescription and over-the-counter drugs and other services that students should take advantage of.

According to Dr. Oscar Loynaz, the director of the UHSC, in the last year, 9,583 students have gone to the clinic, 3,975 have ordered prescriptions, and 7,468 have visited the wellness center.

Although these numbers seem large, the University has over 44,000 students, of which only around 27 percent have visited the clinic.
Carmen Victoria Framil, a nurse practitioner, mentioned some of the services that are provided by the student health fee. “[The student health fee] covers discounted medication, discounted lab work, stress management, free HIV testing, and wellness services.”

The UHSC consists of more than a clinic. Considering that only 3,975 prescriptions were given out in the last year, and only 1,432 over-the-counter drugs were sold, it appears that not many students are aware of the campus pharmacy. Using the pharmacy that we have on campus has several advantages. According to Dr. Loynaz, “pricing is generally better than what you can find elsewhere.”

If the prescription that a student needs is not available, the pharmacy will order it and have it by the next day, a covenience that should be used.

There is also the advantage of being able to get a prescription drug and place the dues in your student account. For example, if a student has a dire need for a prescription, the student may take the prescription from the university pharmacy and ask to have it placed on their account.

I once visited the UHSC because of an allergic reaction. I was tended to immediately and was given a prescription and instructions on what to do. Walk-in patients are welcome and tended to post-haste. Considering the perks of using the health services provided on campus, students should always think of visiting the clinic prior to going elsewhere.
The clinic may be able to treat any ailments that the student may have, and in the case that it cannot, the clinic can send the student to someone who can. The pharmacy provides many conveniences that are not found elsewhere, and students should exploit these conveniences, especially since we are paying for them. Using the health services found on campus is faster and cheaper.

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