Haute Topic: Fashion resolutions for a new semester

By Esra Erdogan/Columnist

You might think that a dedicated follower of fashion would apply their style philosophy to all aspects of their life. I’m almost ashamed to admit that this isn’t necessarily true, at least in my case. For someone who spends as much time thinking about clothes and shoes as I do, it doesn’t make sense that I put little to no effort into what I wear to school. The few times that I have worn something out of the ordinary, I felt like other students had their eyes on me all day. I’ve seen how other girls are side-eyed when wearing five inch heels to a 2 p.m. class. I must admit, it’s affected my decisions. No one wants to be subjected to that kind of scorn.I’ve observed that FIU has a sort of unofficial dress code. Because of the hot and humid climate, most students opt for comfort. Somehow, I’ve let myself get caught in the uniform routine. I can’t say that in my three years at this school I’ve worn much other than denim cutoffs and flat sandals. I don’t know what it is about getting dressed for school that intimidates me, but I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one. There has to be someone else out there who is frustrated with their default choices when it comes to getting dressed for school.

After thinking about my dilemma a lot, I’ve come to the realization that I need to stop thinking. The thing that makes fashion so fun is how contradictory it is. I know I shouldn’t wear sweatpants to class, but I found myself admiring a pair from J.Crew that could be worn with a button down. Walking around FIU in heels seems like a bad idea but sometimes a pair of platform sandals is all it takes to make an outfit perfect. Wearing a hat seems a little much at first, but with the right style it could look effortless. There are a few students around campus who understand this contrarian idea in fashion and use it to their advantage; I admire them for it.

This semester, I’m challenging myself with the task of wearing a little less black and gray and a lot more experimentation. The first thing I need to get over is my irrational fear of wearing heels to school. I have quite a few pairs that hardly get enough wear, and there is no good reason that they’re just sitting there in my closet. My mother has a valid point when she asks why I even bought them in the first place, for decoration? The second thing is exhaustion. My calculating nature ensures that I plan out outfits for at least the first few weeks, but after a while I grow frustrated with planning and end up relying on my uniform again. The best solution to this is to stop being so calculating and pair unlikely things together. I know it sounds like a shot in the dark, but some of my favorite ensembles have been born this way. One you’ve secured which two items you want to base your outfit on, like a new top and an old favorite skirt, it becomes easier to personalize the outfit with accessories. Just make sure you’re relaxed when you do this, otherwise it could look like a tornado just took a run through your bedroom.

For the next year, I’ll be documenting my experiences with fashion here in this column. My style and tastes are constantly shifting and there is rarely a part of fashion that I shun, so expect a varied breadth of topics. From my frustration with certain trends, to how to shop at bargain stores without looking desperate, all fashion subjects will be covered here. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration on the way.

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