Google+ offers more security and privacy

By: Kelly Malambri/Staff Writer

Google+ has excited many social networking fans, like me, to explore the innovative company’s way of social networking.  Google+ is a more secure choice of social media, and I think that students at the University should use Google+ and take advantage of its incredible privacy features.

When friends are added on Google+, users are automatically asked to put them in a “circle,” ranging from titles such as friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers. Circles allow you to divide your “+1s,” the equivalent of friends on Facebook, into distinguished groups with one click.

The simple way of separating +1s provided by Google+ is a convenient, quick and effective way for users to differentiate friends, co-workers and family, making social networking more like socializing in real life. In a world where one does not tell their mother everything they tell their best friend, this more realistic way of social networking is a welcome, much-needed change from other forms of socializing on the web.

It is possible to control such privacy on Facebook; however, the process is much more difficult. On Facebook, when users want to prevent certain people from viewing specific posts or pictures, they must add friends individually to a list of those who cannot view it. This process is tedious and annoying. The ease with which users can do this on Google+ is more user-friendly, and is a perk the social media website has over its competitors.

I have used Google+ to separate information. I successfully separate posting of links to news articles to co-workers, while showing weekend pictures to friends and family photos to relatives.

The site has benefited me by allowing me to socially network the way I live real life- by keeping my family, friends and co-workers from knowing all of the same information.

Google+’s easily accessible privacy features will serve many great purposes, such as keeping personal matters in seclusion and allowing more life-like ways of socializing with ease. The privacy settings the website provides are better and less confusing policies than the ones other social media websites have to offer.

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  1. Maximiliano Velez | August 25, 2011 at 7:45 PM | Reply

    I prefer google+ over any other social media for many of the points you brought up, but no one is using it and I think their won’t be a great exodus to it.

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