LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Uncertain future for Libyans

In recently taking control of much of Tripoli, Libya’s capital, last Monday, rebels have scored a decisive victory against Qaddafi, whose hold on power looks increasingly fragile.

As many Libyans celebrate their success and the very real prospect of freedom at last, numerous concerns remain: will the regime re-emerge to rout the rebels, as it has many times during the course of the 6 month struggle? Will the rebels manage to keep it together, or will they break into infighting due to tribal and political tensions?

Will the government be as free and democratic, or will it come to replace one tyranny with another? While such worry and skepticism is warranted, so is hope and confidence in the Libyan people: millions of them can already feel and enjoy the taste of freedom they fought hard for.

They stood up to a murderous state and refused to back down even at it’s greatest displays of brutality. What began as a medium-sized protest that was horribly suppressed turned into a sweeping movement of national liberation that transcended – albeit imperfectly – tribal, religious, and political differences. They formed a civil society, rudimentary legal system, and even a pamphlet on the proper treatment of captured enemy truths. I, like many others, would’ve never thought this movement would keep it’s momentum for this long. To see people who have never known freedom be willing to die for it is a sobering and inspiring experience, and it should be met with support, hope, and at least cautious optimism.

-Romney Manassa

FIU Alumnus

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