FANTASY CRUZ: Injuries taking a toll on fantasy owners and players alike

Photo: Hans Deryk / AP Photo

Photo: Hans Deryk / AP Photo

By: Joey Cruz / Staff Writer

With injuries rattling the minds of fantasy owners all over, the fantasy football gurus know a solid bench can make or break a team from week to week.

Michael Vick is always making his owners sweat profusely when he rolls out and tries to make a dynamic play because of a potential injury.

Ironically, he gets a concussion by staying in the pocket like a prototypical quarterback. Maybe he is just that. He sustained the injury by getting slung into his offensive linemen. Vick will probably be out two to three weeks, depending on the severity of the concussion.

Anybody who says Tony Romo is not a good quarterback is out of his or her mind. I have heard it all; “Jay cutler is more of a playmaker,” “Mark Sanchez beat him head-to-head,” and “He’s a choke artist.” I will take that choke artist any day of the week. His toughness is unquestionable.

With a collapsed lung, Romo threw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns in his win over the 49ers. Romo said he may play despite his collapsed lung. If you have a steady backup, toss him in the starting spot.

A repeat performance like the one he had last week is going to be tough with his injury against the Skins.

The Rams are cursed so far this season at the running back position. Steven Jackson is not doing the primetime run he does in the Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial. He pulled a hamstring week one.

Monday night Carnell “Cadillac” Williams pulled a hammy as well. During the first and second week of the NFL, the number one and two running backs on the roster go down for St. Louis. Hopefully, Jerious Norwood does not get hurt in week three.

Good luck, St. Louis. At least you have Sam Bradford.


Dallas Clark (Indianapolis Colts)- No Peyton, no bacon for Dallas Clark this season. Between the first two weeks, he has had a total of about 70 yards and one touchdown. The way Kerry Collins is dropping snap and playing football, Dallas Clark might contemplate just being a blocker for the remainder of the season. Trash him.

Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks)- He did it for Madden last season by showing determination. This season his Madden rating is at 50 at best. He has only 44 yards this season with no touchdowns.

The Seahawks have no quarterback and their receivers are down through injury. First, the Super Sonics were moved out of town because they stunk. The Seahawks are on their way towards the same fate. Poor Seattle.

Marion Barber (Chicago Bears)- There is not much to say here at all. Barber is hurt and Forte is a stud, even with the worst offensive line in the league. Cut Barber, not his hair. Basura.


Jason Campbell (Oakland Raiders)- Last week against a solid Bills secondary, Campbell threw for over 300 yards, a touchdown and ran into the end zone for a score as well. With Darren McFadden at his arsenal, the Raider’s pass attack will improve throughout the season.

The upside is not too high on Campbell overall, but for any owner who has injuries to the quarterback, he is a formidable backup for the next couple of weeks. Raider nation.

Daniel Thomas (Miami Dolphins)- Most owners dropped him after they saw Reggie Bush take the load of the carries in week one. Last week against Mario Williams and Houston, Thomas had an impressive 115 yards on the ground. Thomas proved himself to Coach Tony Sparano. Pick this man up immediately.

Eric Decker (Denver Broncos)- Wise words from the infamous Mark Jackson: “Mamma there goes that man!” Last week he had more yards than he had all last season.

He has 115 yards on five catches. Brandon Lloyd is coming back this week, but Kyle Orton will find a way to get the ball in this guy’s hands. Scoop him up. Ringer.


Braylon Edwards, buddy, you should have stayed with the Jets.

They say more money, more problems. Braylon had a single catch for 21 yards and now he is hurt. He is day-to-day for now.

Like I stated before, Braylon’s season is done with. Drop this guy if you have him. He is worthless without a steady quarterback and does not even get targeted like a number one guy with Michael Crabtree on the team.

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