FANTASY CRUZ: Rivalry week features many intriguing matchups in NFL

By: Joey Cruz / Staff Writer

The home crowd is going nuts. The stadium seats rattle in a thundering roar while the most passionate fans go absolutely insane when their team scores and takes the lead against their archrival.

Rivalry games in the NFL change the outcome no matter which two enemies are going head-to-head.

Owners are constantly on their cyber toes when division foes go at it because one can never know what to expect out of their players.

This week is Rivalry Week here on Fantasy Cruz.

Out of the seven division games last weekend, five of them led to double-digit score games. The NFC East made some noise with its two games.

The Giants pulled off a crucial win against the “dream team” Eagles. Peyton Manning’s little brother broke out with 254 yards and four touchdowns, making him the MVP of the weekend by far. On a negative note, Michael Vick got hurt once again. Luckily though, his hand is not broken.

In the Confederate shootout, New Orleans pulled the final trigger on Houston in a high scoring 40-33 victory. “D Breezy” tossed the pigskin for 370 yards and three TD’s, while “Deputy Schaub” had almost identical stats.

Surprisingly enough, Ben Tate is carrying the load for the Texans. Could Arian Foster be a one-year wonder after all?

The Union battle included an out of the ordinary performance by Tom “Terrific” Brady, who threw four interceptions against the Buffalo Bills.

Ivy league boy Ryan Fitzpatrick has been the talk of the town this far in the season and had 369 yards and two touchdowns in the 34-31 win.

Under the Cruzar

Nate Washington (Tennessee Titans)- With Kenny Britt done for the year, fantasy owners who owned him are panicking in disarray because their receivers are quite limited now. The solution is to trade for Washington. Last week he had 92 yards and a touchdown. His is still low, so catch him while you still can. Ringer.

Lance Moore (New Orleans Saints)- He is back from injury and showing his prowess on the field with an 88-yard, two-touchdown game against Houston.

The way “D Breezy” is throwing the football, Moore is going to have a pretty nice season. Wildcard.

Bernard Scott (Cincinnati Bengals)- If you are really hurting at running back, give Scott a go for a couple of games. Cedric Benson is about to start serving a multiple game suspension, so the load of the carries will be put on Scott. He is young and questionable, but worth a shot as a second back or flex spot.

The Trash Bin 

Chad Ochocinco (New England Patriots)- After Chad dropped that potential touchdown grab last week, I can picture Teddy Bruschi punching a hole through his dry wall in his living room and waiting to blow up on him at ESPN.

Since Ocho came on board with the Pats, all he has done is Tweet and disappoint. Hopefully, the OCNN network takes off, because this guy looks done with football. Big bark, small bite.

James Casey (Houston Texans)- If you are in an 18-man league like I am, Casey is a viable backup tight end. Other than that, he needs to be dropped.

Last week’s performance was a fluke. He is the second option on a team that primarily throws to their receivers. Rudy.

DeAngelo Williams (Carolina Panthers)- I am not saying drop him. Just don not start him. Jonathan Stewart is making him look like he is 40 year old on the field. Maybe he will get mad and start to take over. I am shocked with Williams so far. Question Mark.

Bashing Braylon

I know he is sidelined as of this moment. When he comes back, do not even try to add him.

I have given owners plenty of reasons why he is a terrible fantasy pick. Not to mention, I would not be surprised if his usual off-the-field dilemmas continue.

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