SGC-BBC conducting campus-wide audits

Jonathan Szydlo/BBC Managing Editor

At the Oct. 3 Student Government Council at the Biscayne Bay Campus weekly senate meeting, operational reviews committee chair and senator at large, Oluwatobi Adekoya, announced that he will commence the auditing process of all organizations at BBC funded by Activities and Services fees.

Traditionally, the auditing of A&S funded organizations takes place during the Spring semester as a segue into SGA budget hearings and deliberations for the following academic year. However, according to Kevin Gonzalez, SGC-BBC comptroller, the way auditing has been handled in the past is not very effective.

“It’s better to start early than the wait for the Spring,” said Gonzalez. “Last year we received some audits on the second or third day of budget hearings and deliberations, resulting in an unorganized process.”

The purpose of this campus-wide auditing process is to make sure organizations are keeping organized records of their finances and to prevent the over-spending of A&S fees.

“Fiscal responsibility is a shared feeling between me and Adekoya,” said Gonzalez. “It’s about doing what’s right and preserving the integrity of the campus.”

To facilitate the proper spending of A&S fees, Gonzalez has scheduled an Activity and Service Fee Spending Orientation with BBC organizations on Oct. 19.

To monitor A&S funded organization spending, the comptroller is implementing the use of budgeting software that provides real time account reports for SGC-BBC President.

“We currently have the framework for the software in place with the cash amount originally budgeted to these organizations,” said Gonzalez. “The software should be updated within a month to reflect the current spending of organizations.”

According to Adekoya, the auditing isn’t meant to be intrusive but to serve as event reports as a system of checks of the mentioned organizations.

“Assuming that organizations are organized with their finances, the auditing paperwork shouldn’t take longer than an hour,” said Adekoya.”We are seeking for the audits to come in within a week of events.”

Catherine Vega, Student Programming Council president, is in agreement with these audits.

“It’s a good idea for [SGC-BBC] to be requiring these audits because it will result in student councils being fiscally responsible and accountable for their actions,” said Vega. “The fact that they are doing this so early on in the year is a sign that SGC-BBC has what’s best for the students in mind.”

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