INTRAMURALS ROUNDUP: First round of the playoffs completed for fraternities, sororities

By: Kevin Castaneda / Contributing Writer

In a playoff rematch, Beta Theta Pi gets revenge over Theta Chi with a 14-7 victory.

On Oct. 17, one week after losing to Theta Chi, Beta Theta Pi had a chance for redemption in a playoff rematch. Beta Theta Pi came out with a gritty 14-7 win. Beta Theta Pi started with the ball, but their first play resulted in an interception.

Theta Chi capitalized on this turnover by scoring on a quick touchdown pass, giving them an early 7-0 lead.

Beta Theta Pi started their second drive with yet another interception. With one minute left before halftime, both teams got sloppy and exchanged interceptions.

Theta Chi had three interceptions before the half but only scored off of one of them, and this would prove costly.

The second half started with an interception thrown by Theta Chi. Randy Pestana’s blockers gave him space as he ran up the middle for a touchdown to cut the lead 6-7.

On the next Theta Chi drive, Beta Theta Pi came with pressure forcing another interception.  Relying on his legs once again, he ran for another touchdown to seal a 14-7 victory.

When asked how good it felt to run for two touchdowns, Pestana stated, “Good, but I’ll take the victory any day,” especially since it was their first playoff victory in chapter history.

Sigma Chi 13, Phi Sigma Kappa 6

Rainy weather resulted in a night of turnovers in favor of Sigma Chi who defeated Phi Sigma Kappa 13-6.

Phi Sigma Kappa started out the first drive with a costly interception. Sigma Chi’s quarterback, Justin Barcenas, completed a 45-yard pass to put his team within five yards of scoring. Barcenas followed that up with a quick touchdown pass, putting Sigma Chi up 7-0.

Before the half, Phi Sigma Kappa scored on a pass through the heart of the Sigma Chi defense, cutting the deficit to one. Barcenas dialed up a trick play to start the second half, by throwing a short pass to his center Jose Mata, making it 13-6.

Phi Sigma Kappa had no answers for the Sigma Chi defense, which added two more interceptions before capping off the 13-6 victory.


Alpha Omicron Pi 33, Tri Sigma 6 

“We were the better team,” said Alpha Omicron Pi defensive captain Kimberly Jeacoma.

That’s how she and everyone else felt after watching the 33-6 blowout game that top seeded Alpha Omicron Pi gave to Tri Sigma.

On Oct. 17, rain would not play a factor in the final outcome. Once again, the defense from Alpha Omicron Pi prevailed, and they came up performing really well.

The front four for Alpha Omicron Pi really got after Tri Sigma. As they kept going to the ground with the option play, Alpha Omicron Pi sniffed out most of their play calling and stopped Tri Sigma from running the ball. Since they eliminated the threat of a game on the ground, pressure forced key mistakes from Tri Sigma’s offense and Alpha Omicron Pi capitalized.


“We realized they were going to stop throwing it because after we got an interception. We knew they would try and keep it on the ground,” said Jeacoma.

Even their hard work during the season gave Alpha Omicron Pi the top seed in the tournament, Jeacoma and her teammates knew going into this game that they should not overlook any team that they face. They played to the level of their talent, and wanted to make sure they there were no upsets that could occur.

“We came into the game confident in ourselves,” said Nicole Beachly.

Jeacoma added: “Not too get too cocky, we felt like we were the better team. We didn’t want that to get to our heads. We worked really hard & we played well together.”

In the semifinal, Alpha Omicron Pi will face a Sigma Kappa team that has played strong in the latter part of the season on Oct. 24.

– D’Joumbarey Moreau

Alpha Xi Delta 13, Boss 0 

On Monday night, in their opening round playoff game, Alpha Xi Delta defeated Boss 13-0 to move them to the second round of the playoffs. Because Boss played defense well with their secondary, Alpha Xi Delta could not move the ball through the air most of the night.

Instead of trying to continue to go with the pass, Alpha Xi Delta handed the ball off and started moving the chains. Running a assortment of short plays, including the occasional screen pass, the option pass and regular handoffs, Alpha Xi Delta played to their strengths.

They spread the field out and began to run a variety of plays that would help show their players athleticism across the board. Throughout the game, running back Amy “Bullet” London ran hard and ran well, making several highlight plays. London was on the receiving end of a sixty-yard touchdown pass where she caught the ball across the middle, did a back cut which dropped several tacklers and then a spin move to evade the rest of the defenders.

“We were picked off three times earlier,” said Londono. “I’m pretty good with my feet.”

Defensively, the game was had a lot of miscues and missed plays for both teams, but Alpha Xi Delta was more poised late in the game. When Boss had a couple opportunities late to score, Alpha Xi Delta swept the rug from underneath them, and did not allow for that to happen.

Still aggressive late, Londono and the rest of the defense played stingy and swarmed to the ball to secure a successful result.

“On defense, we have great communication. They did make great plays, and played really well, [but] I didn’t feel like the game was that challenging,” Londono said.

Alpha Xi Delta now moves forward to play against Phi Mu in the semi finals next Monday.

– D’Joumbarey Moreau

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