SGC-BBC kicks into overdrive to close out semester

Anthony Cave and Jonathan Szydlo/FIUSM Staff

As the fall semester winds down, the Student Government Council at the Biscayne Bay Campus has initiated a series of resolutions to renovate and add to areas on campus.

Speaker Pro Temp Daniel Usma and Vice President Emilio Collyer met with architects last week regarding the Wolfe University Center’s renovations, which would include the centralization of Panther Square and a balcony over viewing Panther Square.

SGC-BBC also amended a resolution to add a pathway roof from the Wolfe University Center to the Marine Science building.

Renovation of floor tiles across both Academic One and Two have already started and will continues this week.

A three-ton panther statue may soon be incorporated on campus as well, as SGC-BBC viewed printouts of sample statues at the Nov. 9 SGC-BBC General Meeting from two different companies. Plans include more than 100 mini-statues with an estimated cost approximately $125,000.

Finally, President Denise Halpin said she is waiting on an email in order to start the placement of electrical outlets where the swinging chairs on the south end of the Wolfe University Center lie.

At the Nov. 14 senate meeting, the legislative branched passed motions to renovate the Hospitality Management Building restrooms by a vote of 12 in favor and on abstention; for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication to allowed online payments for the Grammar Entrance exam, which until now has only allowed cash and checks as methods of payment, passed by a 12-0-1 vote; for swinging chairs to be added in the second floor exterior balcony of the WUC that faces north towards the Hubbert Library by a vote of 12-0-1; and for the creation of a committee to analyze whether or not students should be charged an additional Eco Fee of $1 per credit hour for Eco-friendly renovations projects by a unanimous vote.

New members appointed; SJMC senator up for Internal Affairs Chair

In a unanimous vote, student Giselle Heraux was appointed as the Director of Legislative Affairs for SGC BBC.

Following Farah Yamini’s resignation from the Internal Affairs chair, School of Journalism and Mass Communication senator Kevin Houston discussed how we would carry out the position at the Nov. 7 senate meeting, whose nomination was once again tabled at the Nov. 14 senate meeting.

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