Hubert Library starts out day with a blackout

Photo by Andres Bedoya

Jonathan Ramos/Asst. News Director

Photo by Andres Bedoya

The Hubert Library at the Biscayne Bay Campus suffered a power outage on Nov. 21, which temporarily halted book checkouts.

Due to a mishap with a cable wire, the HL had only some functioning computers, and was forced to leave the front doors open to allow air circulation, as air conditioners were not functioning.

The HL was limited in power from 7: 30 a.m. until roughly 3:30 p.m., after the Florida, Power and Light Company addressed the issue.

“It’s a three phase cable and one of them went out,” Library Technical Assistant Supervisor Jude Cobham said, who was told it would take up to a week to replace but a temporary fix would be installed the same day.

Edward Furnas, assistant director of Facilities Management, said that FPL reversed a loop cable and tracked it into another area to address the issue, but an examination will continue.

“Now they will do a thorough investigation of everything to make sure no more issues come up,” Furnas said. “This was an inadvertent thing. There was no way to predict it.”

The lack of power affected the Center For Excellence in Writing, which is based in the library and tutors students.

Michelle Almonte, graduate tutor, said all of the library laptops they use were out of battery and there was no means for online tutoring until the power was back. One of Almonte’s tutoring sessions was interrupted after her laptop ran out of powered.

Some students were uncomfortable with the temperature in the HL with the air conditioner not working.

“The heat was unbearable,” said Carol Solano, junior, who was taking a class in the library from 3:00-3:50. “It was nearly impossible to focus on my test. With no ventilation, the close smell was difficult to handle.”

Furnas was pleased with the fast response by FPL.

“FPL responded as quickly as they could and fixed it as quickly as they could,” he said.

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