BLOG: FIU 10 – Marshall 20 F

This is a live blog of the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl from St. Petersburg, Fl. Follow this for live updates throughout the night. Or, go to for live updates. To listen to the game, tune into radiate fm at 88.1 in Homestead/ Kendall, 95.3 in Miami, and 96.9 in North Miami. You can also listen live online at


15:00-FIU wins the toss and elects to defer. Marshall will receive.

14:10: Rakeem Cato finds Jermaine Kelson for a first down.

12:45: On 3rd down and one, Cato runs a play action but misses and open receiver down the middle of the field.

12:37: A punt from Marshall pins FIU at their own 11 yard line.

11:36: T.Y. Hilton takes a sweep 11 yards for an FIU first down, then catches a 22 yard pass from Wesley Carroll for another first down. FIU now at their own 42 yard line.

10:39: After the drive started moving down the field, penalties stall the FIU drive and they are forced to punt the ball back to Marshall who will take over at their own 35 yard line.

8:54: Jermaine Kelson makes a spectacular catch for the Herd for a first down, Marshall now driving into the FIU territory, at the FIU 23.

6:37: After the Marshall drive stalls, Tyler Warner comes on to kick a 37-yard field goal to give Marshall a 3-0 lead in the 1st quarter.

4:55: On 3rd down and three from their own 34, Wesley Carroll looks for Jacob Younger but the pass is batted in air and knocked down. FIU forced to punt again. Andre Booker for Marshall with a big punt return all the way back to the FIU 44. 49 yards on the return.

4:36: On the very next play, Richard Leonard intercepts a Rakeem Cato pass and returns it to the Marshall 47 yard line.

3:01: After two first down pickups by Kedrick Rhodes, Wesley Carroll finds Colt Anderson for another first down. Now on the Marshall 16.

1:58: FIU calls timeout on a third and six at the Marshall 16 yard line.

1:31: Touchdown FIU. T.Y. Hilton takes a sweep handoff two yards and into the end zone for the score. They now lead 7-3.

End of the first quarter, Marshall driving into FIU territory after converting a third down.


14:07:  Marshall moves the ball, but cannot convert on third down and long. FIU receives the punt at their own eight yard line where they will begin their drive.

13:14: T.Y. Hilton is back in the locker room being examined. Wesley Carroll finds Jacob Younger for a first down to put FIU on their own 21 yard line.

11:24: Wesley Carroll trying to convert on 3rd down cannot find his receiver. FIU is forced to punt.

11:17: Marshall fields the punt at their own 43 yard line where they will take over. FIU still leads 7-3.

9:09: Marshall takes a timeout with 3rd down and 4 to go on the FIU 35 yard line.

9:04: Rakeem Cato’s pass is incomplete on third down, but they line up to go for it on fourth down. FIU calls a timeout to regroup.

8:59: Cato’s pass is incomplete and FIU will take over. T.Y. Hilton returns to the field.

7:37: FIU picks up a first down on a Wesley Carroll pass to Wayne times. Now into Marshall territory at the 28 yard line.

5:41: FIU drive stalls at the Herd 29 yard line and Jack Griffin boots a 46 yard field goal through to extend the FIU lead to 10-3.

3:02: The Panthers force another punt from the Herd after a great defensive stand.

1:38: FIU goes three and out and Marshall takes possession of the ball at their own 45.

0:29: Travon Van catches the ball and picks up a huge gain for Marshall. Now at the FIU 31 yard line.

0:23: Aaron Dobson with a 31 yard touchdown catch from Rakeem Cato. It is now FIU 10 Marshall 10.


14:20: Wesley Carroll completes a short pass to Jacob Younger to pick up a first down. Ball at the Marshall 49 yard line.

12:39: Wesley Carroll tries to find Wayne Times deep over the middle on third down and four but cannot connect. Marshall takes over at their own 17 yard line.

9:06: FIU defense comes up with a huge sack from Jordan Hunt and then an incomplete pass from Rakeem Cato to force a punt. FIU takes over at their own 18 yard line.

6:56: Wesley Carroll finds T.Y. Hilton on third down, but is inches short of the first down line. Head Coach Mario Cristobal is challenging the spot of the ball.

6:41: The ruling on the field is upheld and FIU will punt back to Marshall who takes over at their own 20 yard line.

3:13: After picking up a first down, Marshall is forced to punt back to FIU, who will take over at their own 30 yard line.

1:27: FIU is forced to punt and Marshall muffs it, but manage to recover. They take over at their own 18 yard line.

3rd quarter ends with FIU coming up with a huge defensive stop o 3rd down to force Marshall to punt back to FIU. Still tied 10-10 heading into the final 15 minutes of the game.


15:00: Jake Medlock has entered the game at quarterback now for Wesley Carroll.

12:54: Jake Medlock cannot find a receiver after taking a sack on 2nd down. FIU forced to punt back to Marshall who will take over at their own 14 yard line.

10:48: Three straight plays for Marshall, three straight penalties. It is now 2nd and 18 for Marshall.

9:58: After all the penalties, Marshall is forced to punt and FIU will take over at their own 32 yard line. Time is beginning to become a factor for both teams.

9:58: Wesley Carroll reenters the game at quarterback for FIU.

7:35: FIU is forced to punt but the punt is blocked by Marshall. The ball is then recovered and run back for a touchdown. However, illegal forward pass brings it back and Marshall will take over at the FIU 22 yard line.

6:50: After all of that, Marshall’s next play Travon Van fumbles, but Marshall somehow recovers. Still tied 10-10.

5:16: After all of that, FIU manages to only surrender a field goal to Marshall. It is now 13-10 Marshall leading over FIU.

4:24: Wesley Carroll finds T.Y. Hilton on third down but Hilton fumbles it back to Marshall who takes back possession.

2:08: Cato finds Crawford on third down to give Marshall a first down.

0:30: On fourth down, Cato runs a play action and finds Aaron Dobson for a touchdown. Marshall now leads 20-10 with 30 seconds left.

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