Council is optimistic for the new semester

Anthony Cave and Jonathan Szydlo/ FIUSM Staff

Improvements to the Wolfe University Center, including the Mary Ann Wolfe Theatre and a plan to erect a panther statue are among the items on the Student Government Council at the Biscayne Bay Campus’ agenda this semester.

Despite elections after spring break and prepping the budget for next fall, there is “money set aside” for resolutions, according to Honors College Senator Pablo Haspel.

Members of the Senate met with an architect last semester to discuss a vision for the entire building. Haspel said that he wants to have it set up where future SGC-BBC members could benefit. He is also working on a resolution to add multipurpose/family bathrooms throughout the campus.

This would better accommodate areas like the Aquatic Center, which houses swim lessons by the North Miami Neptunes, a local swim group, for children of all ages every weekday afternoon.

Other planned resolutions for the spring include a binge-drinking awareness group, which will be proposed by Lower Division Senator Christopher Morrisset, and SGC-BBC Vice President Emilio Collyer is working on a resolution to fix the restroom doors in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management building, which has been in discussions since the previous semester

During the fall semester SGC-BBC passed resolutions that serves as recommendations towards the respective departments of their constituents.

Kevin Houston, SGC-BBC School of Journalism and Mass Communication senator, worked with SJMC in making online payments possible for the schools Grammar Exam, which is a requirement for Writing Strategies, a prerequisite course for admission into SJMC.

At the time of press, the SJMC website has no mention of online payments for the exam.

Other resolutions passed by the SGC-BBC senate have included the construction of a covered walkway from the Wolfe University Center to Marine Science Building; renovations to be made to the campus’ recreation fields; and panther paws to be painted on NE 151 street, from Biscayne Boulevard to the campus.

None of these pieces of legislation have come into fruition at time of press.

However, with the coming spring rain being on the horizon, SGC-BBC has passed and followed through with a resolution that has placed plastic umbrella bags throughout the campus.

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