Hillary Clinton: the perfect vice presidential candidate

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

By: Neda Ghomeshi / Opinion Editor

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

As secretary of state, Clinton has made significant, positive changes, such as taking out Osama bin Laden, skillfully managing the Arab Spring and pulling troops out of Iraq. In Nov. 2011, Clinton’s visit was the first time in more than 50 years that a United States official traveled to Myanmar.

As the vice presidential candidate, she will be able to focus voters’ attention on foreign policy accomplishments and distract them from the nation’s economic failures.
Not only will she assist Obama in winning the Democratic party, but with her success as secretary of state, she has the potential to persuade Republicans too.

The New York Times columnist Bill Keller says, “Swapping Biden for the popular secretary of state is the best way for President Obama to ensure re-election.” The U.S. needs Obama to win the 2012 elections.

Clinton was Obama’s competitor during the primaries in 2008. Many times, she beat Obama. For the 2008 primaries, she won 28 states. More specifically, she earned 50 percent of the votes in the Florida primaries, while Obama earned 33 percent. Advocates of Clinton during the 2008 primaries will stick by her side during the 2012 elections.

In addition to her qualifications for the position, Clinton is an articulate campaigner, which was illustrated throughout the debates in 2008.

During a primary debate in April 2008 against Obama, Clinton said, “I think year after year, for, now, 35 years, I have a proven record of results… [I have a] passion for empowering people, for giving people the feeling that they can make a better future for themselves.” Her words have to ability to captivate her audience, which is a key political tool.

If Obama selects Clinton as his vice presidential candidate, Clinton accepts the ticket and Obama-Clinton win the 2012 election, Clinton will be the first female vice resident in U.S. history. This fact alone will encourage female voters at the polls.

Clinton has been a first lady, a New York senator and a secretary of state. It is time for her to assume the position of a vice president.

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