SGC-BBC Court agrees to hear both opponents’ writs

Jonathan Szydlo/BBC Managing Editor

The Student Government Council at the Biscayne Bay Campus Supreme Court decided on March 19 to grant certiorari to writs filed by Pablo Haspel and Oluwatobi Adekoya, respectively.

Adekoya had filed a writ, as an emailed message and not as an official form, on March 19 at 1:41 a.m., contesting Haspel’s eligibility to run for SGC-BBC President, citing SGC-BBC Elections Code 703.06 Subsection III, which states that when a student is running for a SGC-BBC senate position they must obtain verification from the respective school they are trying to represent.

Haspel is not running for an SGC-BBC senate seat.

The SGC-BBC supreme court also decided to grant certiorari to a writ filed by Haspel on March. 14, contesting the SGC-BBC Election Board’s March 7 decision to allow Adekoya to switch the position he is running for from SGC-BBC vice president to SGC-BBC president instead.

“The elections board was completely against the [SGA] constitution and [the SGC-BBC] statutes,” said SGC-BBC Supreme Court Chief Justice Martha Ochoa during the court’s deliberations on whether or not to hear the writs. “They need to follow the statutes and constitution. In this case they didn’t.”

The SGC-BBC Supreme Court has set hearing dates for both cases on March. 21, with the time still being up in the air.

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