International dances to be media for wellness lessons

Kristi Gibbons/Contributing Writer

Afya Njema, in Swahili, means good health.

Counseling and Psychological Services will be hosting Afya Njema, a health and wellness event in the panther square at Biscayne Bay Campus today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Afya Njema will include five main demonstrations: Dancing for Health and Happiness, Bollywood Exercise Class, a Capoiera Demonstration along with Capoeira Berimbau, and an interactive conversation called “Abuelitas Miracles.”

Post Doctoral Fellow of Counseling and Psychological Services Keisha V. Thompson said “Abuelias Miracles” will give students an access to a different type of health option.

“The conversation will allow students to share “home-made remedies” that are specific to their cultures and families,” Thompson said.

The event will conclude with an interactive drum circle.

Zumba and Bollywood Dance exercise classes will be offered by the BBC Recreation Center.

Also present will be a wellness expert from Sweetlivity to engage participants in body tuning and dancing for wellness. The Recreation Center will have their nutritionist present, as well.

“This event is different from others in that it is a combination of wellness and culture,” Thompson said. “I think past events may have focused on one of the two, but Afya Njema will be a combination.”

The Wellness Center will also have aroma therapy and a massage therapist available along with a skin and hair care expert from B-True Organic.

The skin and hair expert will give a basic facial cleansing demonstration as well as speak to students about the importance of skin and hair care.

“I started working at FIU in August 2011 and was really struck by the diversity of the campus. I’ve attended and worked at several colleges and universities in the United States and have never been on a campus like FIU.” Thompson said.

“At the Counseling Center we promote holistic wellness, and for students this may mean utilizing techniques or remedies from their specific cultural backgrounds. Afya Njema will present to the university some of these approaches to health and wellness.”

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