Udhnani and Mautner are M.A.D.

By: Philippe Buteau / Staff Writer


Sanjeev Udhnani and Connor Mautner are not insane, but they are MAD. 

“Make A Difference” for FIU is the campaign of Udhnani and Mautner, presidential and vice-presidential candidates of this year’s student government elections at the Modesto Maidique Campus.

The mission of their campaign is to empower students by giving them the resources needed to achieve professional, academic and leadership success.

The candidates’ platform is centered on improving student services and the student experience at the University.

If elected, Udhnani and Mautner plan on voting “no” to any tuition or fee increases, advocate for the addition of another line to the Panther Mover, advocate for a larger shuttle to the Engineering Center to enhance transportation, bring DVD rental services such as Red Box on campus, promote a 24-hour study lounge on campus, secure reserved study space in the Green Library for graduate students and encourage University administration to “implement a green campus” by adding solar panels on the roof of buildings at the University.

“It was a completely multi-faceted approach that we took to this because not all the students are created equal,” said Mautner.

If elected, Udhnani said he would vote “no” to any fee or tuition increases.

“An increase in tuition and fees for some students means the difference between going to school part time and not enrolling in classes at all,” the candidates wrote in a questionnaire submitted to Student Media. “It’s not enough for us to complain…, we need to collaborate across the state to start a branding strategy that will implore the state legislature to see [they should] invest in higher education.”

The Udhnani/Mautner ticket ties together the experience of Udhnani and creativity of Mautner.

Udhnani, a senior international business honors and finance major, has almost two years of experience within SGA. Since fall 2010 Udhnani has been deputy attorney general, attorney general and is currently vice president of SGC-MMC since summer 2011.

Mautner doesn’t have Udhnani’s experience in SGA but the experience he’s gained outside of SGA to the ticket.

“I bring an outside business perspective to SGA while [Udhnani] brings experience and leadership,” Mautner said.

Mautner established his own business at 14 years old in which he “facilitated transactions over 20 countries worldwide.” Within SGA, Mautner has been the executive assistant of current SGC-MMC President Patrick O’Keefe since fall 2011.

*Corrections have been made to this article.

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