Ultra was f**king nuts

Photo by Andres Bedoya

Andres Bedoya

If you were anywhere in the downtown area this past weekend then you whiteness the massive amount of people in the streets all hear for the Winter Music Conference, and the Ultra Music festival.

Friday night began when Ultra ended, the streets where packed with tons of half dress girls and topless guys. From Biscayne Boulevard you can see the static lights a mile away from Ultra. Among the Ultra crowed cops, ambulances and fire marshals were constantly running around trying to keep things from getting out of control.

This weekend was not just about one club in particular but several, since every single one was host to live DJ sets of house, electronic and techno music. First we stopped at white room, where the crowed was dancing hard, people bouncing off the wall into the Ultra charged crowed that packed the venue. “White Room was the highlight of my night” said Mikal Hernandez, electrical engineering, senior at FIU.

The night continued and the party didn’t end outside the club, even at the convenience store a group of thirsty hooligans continued parting while waiting in line to pay. At every stop we made there where dozens of cool kids trying to make this night the best of their lives.

Photo by Andres Bedoya

At Vagabond the place was filled to capacity, so full that there was a five minute line for the mens restroom, so you can only imagine girls had to suffer. The place was at full blast at 4am and with no intention of stopping. “Tonight was kind of wild, I meet a lot of pretty girls, the crowed in the streets was very friendly or at least they try to be so it was good,  I will see how I get home tonight” said Javier Ferrero from Illinois Institute of Technology who was hear for spring break. It was 4:30am and as we made our way to the car the streets were as alive as a regular Saturday night in the city

This Saturday night was like no other this year, as the fireworks went off to signal the end of Ultra, a zombie like phenomenon filled the streets of partied out Ultra crowed aimlessly dragging themselves in search of their cars.

This night was about the local crowed, and the constant bar hopping from The Corner, a bar on North Miami avenue and North West 11th street, to Mamushka’s, in the design district then The Wood Tavern in Wynwood and back to The Corner to end the night. At The Wood Tavern the crowed was filled all the local hipsters to awesome for Ultra, including local hero’s Nicky and Mr.C from Churchill’s Pub.

Finally Sunday was the night for Ultra; arriving at 7:00pm to Bayfront Park we decided to skip the long lines at the entrance and jumped the south gate next to the Intercontinental Hotel. Once inside we say what all the commotion this weekend had been about. Thousands of people crowding the eight that offered the best and latest in today’s electronic scene. The vast amounts of people made it difficult to get from one place to another, and in the short time I was there I saw some familiar faces, including other FIU students and even old friends from High school.

I spent an hour trying to find my friend Mariana, but it was impossible, bad cell phone reception made the text messages take forever to send and there was no point in calling due to all the noise in the background. I felt Ultra at 11pm and went to Club Space to finish the epic weekend with Markus Schulz and the famous Molly that was so openly advertise in the streets.

Video by Andres Bedoya

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