Increasing allotment of free printing a priority for duo

Photo by Andres Bedoya

Julia Duba/Contributing Writer

Photo by Andres Bedoya

Desir Nonhomme will be working alongside Ertha Jean-Francois as Student Government Council at the Biscayne Bay Campus’ College of Arts and Sciences senators.

Although the fine points of their agendas may differ, Nonhomme and Jean-Francois see eye to eye on key issues.

Nonhomme has placed the scarcity of CAS classes at BBC at the top of his priority list as a senator.

“We are working hard to eliminate the bus ride to [the Modesto Maidique Campus]. We feel it is unnecessary to take a bus ride down there,” Nonhomme said.

As a student who personally deals with this issue, Jean-Francois agrees.

“I live in Broward, so it would be easier for me to take all my classes here at BBC,” Jean-Francois said.

Nonhomme asserts that SGA’s communication method with the student body “is not working” and plans to engage students by throwing “celebrations” and “parties.”

He believes that the problem stems from students not being aware of issues at the University. Jean-Francois adds that advertising throughout the school will aid in keeping students aware and involved with SGA.

One of Nonhomme’s focuses as a senator is to bring back the free-printing privileges in the computer lab.

“That is an important issue to me. I see the effects that it has on the student body,” he said.

Jean-Francois feels that recycling on campus is an important program for students to be involved in. She also suggests funding the free-printing program.

“When I first started at FIU, I used to be able to print 30 pages for free. Now I can only print five. It’s just not fair to the students,” she said.

Nonhomme adds that he believes The Beacon should receive full-funding maintaining that, “As you know, this is a country where we care greatly about free-speech. And I believe this is a program that we need to continue to give services to.”

Nonhomme has concerns about the advising services within the CAS.

“For example, if a student wants to change his/her major, they have to go to South campus. And this is a service that we don’t need to go down south to have,” Nonhomme said.

He will continue to carry his agenda over to the next academic year.

“I plan to keep getting the students involved and fighting for their best interests,” he said.

Jean-Francois aspires to have a close relationship with the SGC-BBC.

“I promise to make the right decisions for the student body,” Jean-Francois said.

Jean-Francois will be campaigning through Facebook and through advertisements around BBC.  Nonhomme says he prefers to meet students one-on-one to campaign.

“I will devote my time to work for the SGA,” Nonhomme said. “As a senator, I will improve not only the process, but Biscayne Bay as a whole.”

Jean-Francois promises to be there for the students.

“I am a good listener. I will communicate with the students. I will improve anything that I can.”

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