LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Students create petition to challenge VP of Student Affairs decision

As you may or may not know, certain discrepancies of which occurred within the 2012 Student Government Association election led to the discussion of a possible re-election to find the true candidate pick of the student population. According to evidence presented during the  April 11, Udhnani v. Torres hearing, there was found to be voter fraud within our latest election.

Since the voter fraud could not be traced to either of the candidates the Supreme Court called for a special election in order to ensure the voice of the students was heard. Although the administration is aware of the voter fraud within the election, they have chosen to overlook the evidence and not grant the Special Election that the SGA Supreme Court called for in their ruling. Although this petition calls for the recall of Laura Farinas it is not as a result of any actions she has taken, it is to ensure that the student body gets a free and fair election. If we reach the number of votes needed, a recall election will be held. If we are successful the office of President and Vice-president will be vacated, allowing us to have a special election where the candidates can run a fair election.

FIU, if you believe the actions of the administration in overturning the Supreme Court to be unjust, we ask you to sign this petition in support of demanding a re-election. If we gather the necessary votes we can ensure the voices of the student body are heard. Please include your First and Last name, and Panther ID (in the zip code box). The area indicated for comments is optional. Thank you.

This has been a petition by
Ashley Williams : Black Student Union 2011-2012 Officer
Juanita Louis : 2011-2012 Arts & Sciences Senator

Here is the petition:

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