Former FIU basketball player arrested for sexual battery

Brandon Wise/ Sports Director

Adley attended FIU for five years between 2005-2010

Pembroke Pines police arrested a former FIU women’s basketball player on July 3 and charged her with three counts of sexual battery.

Marquita Adley, an interim women’s basketball coach at West Broward High School, was accused of having sex with a member of her travel team. It is unknown whether the victim was a student at the high school. Each count alleged against Adley holds a $5,000 bond. Trial is still pending.

Adley was released from jail the morning of July 4.

Former teammate Fanni Hutlassa was completely shocked to hear the news.

“I know Marquita[Adley] well. She was my teammate and friend for five years,” Hutlassa said. “In my opinion, she is a really good coach, a correct person, and has a professional coaching attitude, therefore, she would not touch a younger girl [in] any aggressive or offensive way. The article [made] her look bad, but I’m sure there are many things in the background why the “victim” said what she said, that the reporters do not talk about in public. Especially when sexual assault is a major issue in schools and in adolescents’ sports in America. I think it has been blown up and no one should attack her career with lies unless it can be 100 percent proven. So no, I do not believe she did any of the things that she was charged with.”

Adley, who finished her FIU career in 2010, averaged 8.2 points per game and 8.5 rebounds per game.

Head coach of the women’s basketball team Cindy Russo, who coached Adley during her career at FIU, was unavailable for comment on the matter.

More details to come as they become available.

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