DirecTV and Viacom, the cause of much boredom

Jenna Kefauver/Staff Writer

If you were watching “The Colbert Report” or “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on the nights of July 9 and 10 then you couldn’t avoid it.

Even housing students saw the message flashing across their TV screens on Monday and Tuesday – a warning of the impending blackout of Viacom-owned channels on DirecTV and urging those watching to call DirecTV to keep the channels. This was due to a dispute between DirecTV and Viacom over carriage fees and a contract that ended June 30.

Viacom wants to raise the price of its content by more than 30 percent, according to DirecTV. This dispute caused DirecTV customers to lose access to 26 channels, including but not limited to MTV, VH1, BET, CMT and all of its respective spin-off channels, Nickelodeon, SPIKE TV and Comedy Central.

If you live on campus and watch any of these channels, you’ve definitely been a victim of the blackout. I know I have. But is it really worth it to get these channels back?

I have DirecTV at my house and it’s already ridiculously expensive anyway so, personally, I’m glad that they aren’t raising prices by 30 percent.

Thanks, DirecTV.

But I’m also really mad that, having taken away just about 99 percent of the channels I enjoy, I’m forced to watch FitTV instead of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

I think Viacom could do without the $1 billion increase the company would have received if DirecTV agrees to Viacom’s contract. I don’t think the CEO of Viacom is living paycheck to paycheck like many Americans. But then, it doesn’t seem like DirecTV is working very hard to negotiate Viacom’s prices, seeing as when you call the number on your screen, the recording says something grumpy along the lines of “We’re working on it,” and promptly hangs up.

Good customer service, right?

I would suggest the school invest in AT&T or Comcast, but AT&T has the worst customer service I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with and Comcast wasn’t much better.

But, for the time being, Viacom, get it together. Obviously, you haven’t been a bored college student stuck on campus with nothing to do, and no money to do it with. Put our channels back on the air; we don’t want to pay an extra $1 billion for channels with low ratings.

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