Loop reconstruction ‘a positive change’

Miriam Arias/Staff Writer

The University’s recent reconstruction of the circle loop by the entrance on 107 Avenue and 16 Street is complete.

Coordinator Construction Pro from the Department of Facilities Planning and Construction Alberto Delgado explained that the current two-lane loop will be converted to a one-lane roundabout, with right turn only lanes and concrete separators.

In an interview with Student Media, Chief of Police Alexander Casas rendered the construction to recent complaints by students, faculty and staff.

“Their concern was that the circle did not clearly indicate how to proceed through it and may create a confusing situation in navigating the circle,” explained Casas.

As a result of the complaints, the University hired a consultant to advise on changes to improve traffic and transportation throughout the campus.  Beginning in the spring semester, the FIU police began to direct traffic as a means of testing for effectiveness.

According to Casas, the police received “positive feedback,” which led to the modification of the loop.  “The end result is a traffic circle that improves the flow of traffic with a clear indication of how to proceed through it.”

Posing a firm rebuttal, student and Senior Enrollment Officer of Financial Aid Madlyn Downs stated, “I think it is more confusing now; it makes it more difficult to maneuver your way around the area.”

While many students feel the construction will improve the traffic, they do show concerns for larger vehicles, namely the BBC buses.

Junior, journalism and international relations major, Jacqueline Rosado, stated, “It will most likely improve traffic overall, but I can see why bus drivers might be a bit unhappy about it since the division of lanes makes it harder to get through, especially for bigger vehicles.”

Senior and sociology major, Ivan Aguilar, agrees with Rosado in his statement, “The new loop will probably create less accidents,” however, he did mention that he didn’t feel the buses would be greatly affected since they could take a different route or perhaps drive carefully.

Assistant Vice President of Business and Finance Bill Foster concluded that the construction would be beneficial for the BBC buses as well.  He stated, “It was noted that they had to slow down to effectively navigate the circle, which we view as a good thing.”

Opinions on the reconstruction of the loop are divergent among students, faculty and staff; however, the University police believe it is a positive change.

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