Wayne Times opens up about family and life off the field

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Brandon Wise/ Sports Director

Of all the things Wayne Times could do while not practicing or studying for a test, he chooses to spend his time with the Times.

“I like spending time with family because playing sports and putting all the effort I put into school, I kind of lose track of time and have very little to spend with family, Times said. “When I do have my own time, I like to spend it with mom and dad, check up on m

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y little brother.”

His little brother, Brandon Times, is currently playing wide receiver at Miami Northwestern High School. Times is following in his brother’s footsteps, slowly, but surely. In fact, the younger Times is even wearing Wayne’s number at Northwestern.

“I want the best for him,” Times said. “I just try to show him the best by being a great role model and doing the right things.”

There’s even some brotherly rivalry between the two that Times mentioned.

“He says, ‘I’m going to have more offers than you.’ I’d like to see him have more offers than me,” Times said. “I want to see him go where he wants to go, be what he wants to be. It’s a little brother rivalry. It’s my senior year, I gotta put it all out there. He comes to every game that he can make, if he’s not dealing with football or my mom. I wish him the best.”

Last season, still in the shadow of T.Y. Hilton, Times was second on the team in receptions with 54 catches for 540 yards and two touchdowns. His best play of the year came against Troy when the then-junior receiver had a 76-yard touchdown catch to give the Panthers a 10-7 lead.

This year, Times will lead a young group of receivers that have been working hard all off-season long.

“Hard work is good work to me,” Times said.

He and Cheeseborough have been working out together all summer. The two have an interesting relationship.

“Me and Cheeseborough compete a lot. There’s just something about him,” Times said. “You have to go against him. We’re really good friends. We try to bring the best out of each other the most. Sometimes it takes playing a little joke on them. You know, I’m kind of up on him on the jokes. He hasn’t scared me yet.”

Cheeseborough described the prank that Times pulled on him.

“[Times] got me one time,” Cheeseborough said jokingly. “[Other teammates] pushed him over in the laundry bin and they told me to put my [stuff] in it. When I opened it to put my [stuff] in, he jumped out and everybody started laughing.”

Even though Times and Cheeseborough play jokes on one another, both emphasized they know when to get down to business.

While many of his teammates joke off the field to keep each other loose, they still compete by playing video games. Even though he isn’t a gamer, Times mentions the competitiveness that he has within himself.

“We all compete in different ways,” Times said. “If I was 290 or 300 pounds, I’d want to go against a Tourek Williams or if I was a running back like Kedrick Rhodes, I’d want to hit against Winston [Fraser] all day. We all are very competitive.”

Even though they are competitive off the field, Times does believe that the coaching staff has prepared them for the real world after college.

“Off the field as a man, I feel that my coaches have built me for not only football, but to be a man and take on whatever comes to me and just conquer it,” Times said. “I set a lot of goals so I’m never finished.”


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