Latino organization to unite Hispanic students

Ashley Solage/Contributing Writer

The University’s very own Latino Student Union strives to unite students of Latin descent by creating an environment in which students can bond and share ideas on how to bring recognition to Hispanic culture.

LSU’s main goal is to “bridge the gap cultures and establish not only a true understanding of diversity, but also an appreciation and respect for people and our differences,” said Elaine Peralta, vice president of public relations of the Latino Student Union.

LSU was created to provide different programs that would help educate University students about the cultures around them. Being an international school, University students and faculty would be provided with the opportunity of being able to learn about many Hispanic countries around the world, further advocating the voices of many Latino students at the University.

Being a part of a community that inhibits many Hispanic cultures, Peralta and fellow union members feel that the LSU would help bring awareness and tolerance for many cultures, rather than judgment and segregation amongst different social groups. It will unite Hispanic groups instead of separating one country or cultivation.

“I personally think this organization will be a success on campus because although we have separate cultural groups available to students, we did not have anything that united Latinos. Latinos are all around and the culture is really predominant here in Miami,” expressed Peralta.

LSU will provide a broad understanding of what it is to be Hispanic, but will also focus on specific underlying aspects that will help students view Hispanic cultures from different perspectives.

LSU is a way for students of all Hispanic origins to come together and illuminate the positive aspects of each and every one of their cultures, as well as work together to change the negative aspects.

Although it is called the “Latino” Student Union, it is not only exclusive to those of Latin descent. This union is for anybody who is curious about Latin environments, or just anyone who wants to help spread the voice of Latinos.

It is also for people who have dealt with and can relate to issues in any Hispanic community. “We want to bring truth to our culture, present and past,” said Peralta. With the goal of furthering their success, LSU has created an e-board.

Students may apply for some available positions, which are: vice president of community service, vice president of finance, secretary, and assistant to the vice president of recruitment and retention.

The Latino Student Union has planned many events in hopes of further enlightening the students and faculty of the University about its cultural diversity, most of which will happen in October, which is Hispanic Heritage Month.

These events include a Tango Night on Sept. 17, an FIU Football Tailgate on Oct. 4, Dia De La Raza Food Festival on Oct. 12, Hispanic X Latino Lecture on Oct. 15 and Latin American Housing Lecture on Oct. 17.

It is anticipated that LSU will collaborate with the Brazilian Community Center for a Brazilian Independence Day event and possibly the Caribbean Student Association for other events as well. The first meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 13 for any students who are interested.

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