Pi Kappa Phi wins brawl-ending match up with FIJI

Kevin Castaneda/ Staff Writer

Despite the cool, rainy weather, emotions heated the stadium at the Sept.10 flag football game between Pi Kappa Phi and FIJI when an illegal play late in the game resulted in a game-ending brawl with Pi Kappa Phi winners 7-0.

Starting at their 20-yard line, FIJI quarterback Bradley Treasure’s first play was a 10-yard pass to move the chains. Treasure then converted two third-down passes to keep the drive going.

After navigating 40 yards to get into the red zone, FIJI had trouble working in the shortened space. Treasure heaved a pass on fourth down into the end zone that Pi Kappa Phi’s middle linebacker Alan Maltagliati batted down.

The pivotal stop from the defense provided fuel for their quarterback, Jorge Solares.

Completing two consecutive passes and adding two lengthy runs, Solares marched his team into enemy territory.

Only 10 yards away from scoring, Solares dialed up a pass play to Ray Vargas for the touchdown. Solares then converted the extra point by running free to the outside.

As the rain began to come down a little harder, FIJI became troubled by the lack of traction.

On three pass plays, the receivers were unable to stop and come back to the underthrown balls. This resulted in a quick three and out, forcing FIJI to punt.

Solares worked the offense down the field, but was unable to capitalize. Pi Kappa Phi went into the half up, 7-0.

In the second half, Solares kept the ball rolling with a 20-yard pass across the middle to his reliable target Dustin Aurrichio.

Solares went right back to Aurrichio for a 5-yard pass that turned into a 25-yard gain after Aurrichio spun around his opponent and worked his way up the sideline.

Pi Kappa Phi had the clear momentum and was in scoring position once again.

Pi Kappa Phi committed three consecutive penalties that moved them from the 5-yard line to the 20.

Solares, aggravated from the team’s lack of focus, tried forcing all of his passes into the end zone.

FIJI took over after Pi Kappa Phi was unable to score on a long fourth and goal.

Treasure took the snap and dropped back, but was sacked for a loss of 5-yards. Feeling the pressure from the defense, Treasure forced a pass to his primary target Joseph Perez.

Pi Kappa Phi came up with an interception that led to the breaking point for FIJI.

An illegal tackle on the sideline after the interception resulted in a heated argument between two players. The argument escalated into a sideline-clearing fight between players and fans.

The FIU staff coordinating the event diffused the situation and ended the game on the spot.

“Games like these get heated, but we have to do a better job keeping our composure. I speak for the team when I say we would have rather finished the game,” said Head Coach Kevin Perez.

With the emotions pouring down on this opening night of football, Pi Kappa Phi went home the early winners, 7-0.


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