Questions and Answers with former secretary of state, Madeleine K. Albright

Stephan Useche / Staff writer

Madeleine K. Albright, former secretary of state, spoke to Student Media about recent assault to the United States consulate in Libya and as well as about immigration policy.

FIUSM – What’s your position on what’s happening in the Middle East?

Madeleine K. Albright – Well it’s obviously a difficult situation and I think that we have to recognize that this is being carried out by a small group of people who are just abounded and determined to destroy things when in fact most of the people in these countries are working very hard to develop new governments for themselves to get away from authoritarian dictators and to develop institutions that will allow people to have a voice. There are some people who don’t want progress; those are the ones that are creating the violence, but I think we need to remember that the majority of people in these countries want to live a normal life.

FIUSM – Do you think the government of the United States should have a position in the film that was made by a particular citizen?

Albright – I think it has been said that this is the kind of film that, in fact, is inside the violence. We believe in freedom of speech, but it has to be responsible. I think they’re trying to figure out who exactly made it, but I think that our embassies and various officials who are saying this is not the official position of the United States are trying to deliver an important message [addressing] that we need to and do respect other religions.

FIUSM – It took three days to react to what was going on in Cairo. Do you think it was too much time? That they should’ve reacted sooner?

Albright – Well, I do. As I understand it, it’s that President Obama had a conversation with President Morsy. It’s that one would wish that they would’ve reacted to it earlier… but it’s clearly a very difficult situation. As I said, these are new governments that are trying to get themselves organized, but they have not made [it] very clear that violence is not acceptable.

FIUSM – What do you think about the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals policy? Is it something that will benefit them in the long run?

Albright – I think it’s a very important action because President Obama has made it very clear that the children that came to the United States need to have availability of having an education and living a good American life. However, it is only a part of what has to happen on immigration policy. President Obama has said that there needs to be a complete immigration plan and I think that’s something he wants to work on [during] his second term.

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