Do it yourself, or it wont get done

Adrianne Richardson/Contributing Writer

New and refreshing learning experiences are bound to take place in college, the key difference being that it’s no longer anyone else’s responsibility but your own to keep track of what you need to succeed.

It is up to you to keep track of the important dates that pertain to your success at the University, especially after being given the information on several occasions.

Not only do we repeatedly receive important emails about any and everything that the University deems important, but fliers and posters are continuously placed around the University as reminders.

Another example is Freshmen Orientation.

Individuals from various University departments took the time to explain to incoming freshman and transfer students what is expected of us, how to navigate the university, how to check our Panther email and where to go for assistance.

But, instead of students taking advantage of resources like these, I constantly overhear them saying, “I didn’t know we have to do that? Do we have to do that? How? When?”

Why aren’t students taking the initiative to utilize them?

Faculty and staff at the University work diligently to provide freshman with an Academic Advising Center, striving to “help students become good decision-making, independent individuals.”

At the Academic Advising Center freshman can learn about the University Core Curriculum, get help with passing their classes and tutoring in any subject they deem difficult.

Another valuable service offered here at the University is Career Services. Career Services aims to help students that don’t have the slightest clue as to what they would like to be in life, how to choose the appropriate major for their career, and what classes are needed in order to get started in that major of their choice.

In my opinion, it is because most of us are still stuck in the high school state of mind.

In high school, we had morning announcements, emails and phone calls and letters home to our parents, home-room reminders. Our elders carried us through.

We don’t have that here. and should stop expecting it.

It’s time to wake up.

Freshman year is crucial to your academic well-being. The experience begins now, utilize the aforementioned services, and take pride in your own independence.

Become one with your brain, people. Do it today. Do it now.

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