It’s raining ‘free’ goodies

Ashley Orozco/Contributing Writer

Now that I have been a college student for exactly one month, I am certain of two things.

  1. Always carry an umbrella.
  2. I am slowly turning into my grandmother. Offer her anything for free and she will take it without question.

The first week of school, I stopped by the Graham Center for lunch every day and would complain about how crowded and noisy it was.

However, that Friday I had gotten to GC before the madness began and I found tables set up in the pit with FIU paraphernalia. I went up and learned that if I played a simple game anyone of these items could be mine. I ended up taking home an FIU umbrella and an increased awareness in my surroundings.

In high school, nothing was ever just given to you unless it was a note informing your parents about something they probably didn’t know existed in the first place. In college, there is free stuff every corner I turn, and I’m not about to let it pass me by. Free movies on Fridays, free counseling at the library, free tickets to see Bill Clinton, free hugs- even the $1 (hey, that’s practically free!)  iced tea or coffee at the bookstore’s Starbucks during “Panther Pride” days.

By the end of the second week I had accumulated seven red “Student Work- Great Pay” pens (never given to me by the same person) and a new found thrill in knowing it didn’t end there.

Sure, most of these perks might be included in our tuition under some obscure fee, but that doesn’t mean the University has to provide us with the ones they do. I’m not just talking about free objects, but opportunities as well. Free workshops on how to write a resume, free academic tutoring, free downloads of Microsoft Office, free lectures on a wide array of topics; even the speakers chosen to share their research and experience.

The University goes out of its way to provide relevant, essential and useful extras and everyone should be taking advantage of them.

A lot of these things I figured out on my own and when I shared them with my friends they usually had no idea they were being offered. Keep an eye out! You might just end up with a free umbrella.

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