FIU Foundation appoints new directors to board

Miriam Arias/ Staff Writer

The FIU Foundation welcomes 10 new additions to its Board of Directors.

The Foundation Board of Directors is a volunteer leadership board that supervises development efforts in the University.

New members are elected by current board members.  The bylaws of the Foundation allow for a maximum of 50 elected members.

Ten new members were elected this year in meetings held in January and May.  There are currently 48 members on the board and two vacancies.

Alongside the elected board of directors are the ex-officio members.  These individuals, who have another position in the University, work together with the 50 board members. Among the members are the Student Government Association President of Biscayne Bay Campus Pablo Haspel and the Alumni Association President.

All members give a $15,000 donation; $5,000 counts as a yearly membership gift and $10,000 counts as an annual give or get.  This means members can donate the latter amount or petition others to make a gift, sponsor or donate to the University.

The election process goes through the Membership and Board Management Committee, who reviews the candidates.  After reviewing each candidate, the committee makes recommendations to the full Board of Directors for membership approval.

According to Patricia Mauter, coordinator for the Board of Directors, most newly elected members are already involved within the University.

The new members include a diverse few whose backgrounds range from business to theater production experience.

One of the newly elected directors, Lilly Bernal Pino, has traveled the country and performed in numerous short films and theater productions seen internationally.

Other additions include David Adler, Agustin Arellano, Sr., John Bussel, Candice Gidney, Neisen Kasdin, Juan Martinez, Jonathan Perlman, Daniel Pino and Jorge Rossell.

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