ASK NICK: What students can do with their spare time at FIU

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Dear Nick,
I find myself in FIU for long hours. What do you think I can do when I’m experiencing mental burn out?
M.G., Junior, Art/Psychology Major
Dear M.G.,
Before you flip out, I would suggest a couple of things that are excellent resources to both avoiding feeling overwhelmed, and to do your body and brain some good. Start fitting some physical activity into your day. Venture over to FIU Rec Center where you can run, lift weights, and even practice yoga. If you are a more outdoor-type, MMC has an amazing 11-acre nature preserve, adjacent to Panther Hall. This is a great place to practice yoga, meditate, or just go on a nature hike.
Any physical activity is great. It helps you effectively deal with stress, increases blood flow to the brain, and can help your brain be more efficient. It also increases those great chemicals in our brain that make us feel happier and more alert!
Exercise has been linked to getting better grades. For those less inclined toward physical activities, you can’t go wrong with the Green Library which is an amazing place to catch up on studying. Grab a seat at Starbucks with your pals and just chill.
Ready to change life a little? Counseling and Psychological Services has a health-coaching program and biofeedback, and the Wellness Center offers massages and acupuncture. With these tools, you can start to make lifelong changes to your physical and mental health.
Long hours might seem like a drag. But if you play it right and plan a little, it will pass you right by you. I hope you have fun on campus, and be sure to watch out for the ladybugs in the preserve. You know what they say: they might bring you good luck!

Be Well,

Nick Scheidt, M.S. is a Doctoral Psychology Intern at FIU Counseling and Psychological Services. He is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate from Carlos Albizu University. Once he completes his internship at FIU, Nick plans to work as a Psychologist, Writer, and Professor.
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  1. This was a really lazy answer. MMC alone has a LOT more to do on a daily basis than the rec center, walking, or starbucks.

    For those who really want something to do when stuck on campus for really long hours, I suggest going to the Graham Center Main office and checking out the daily calendar. Chances are there is going to be a club meeting or some kind of event going on. You can also visit the CSO office on the second floor (its literally above Subway in GC….GC 2300) and ask about whats going on in the FIU club world.

    Every Monday you could also sit on the SGA senate meetings at 4pm to see how your students leaders are managing your A&S fees, and maybe even ask a question or too and get more involved. (GC 150)

    The Center for Leadership and Service is also on the second floor of GC, that is a great place to find stuff to do on campus and off. (Relay For Life, Dance Marathon, and Alternative Breaks are all
    based out of CLS (GC 242)….student office is in GC 2210, its on the second floor in that little hallway onto the way to the Campus Life office)

    And what about the Porter Davis Game Room? I mean….it wasn’t even mentioned. It has pool, video games, and a bunch of other activities that are either free or at a minimal cost. Its literally next to the Chilis in GC. (Open till 11 Mon-Thur and 6pm Fri, closed weekends)

    If you’re into card games, a large group of gamers hand out right in front of the game room and chilis on a daily basis, just bring a deck of your favorite card game and make some new friends.)

    And this is just some random information an alumni has. Next time Nick, try writing an article that isnt just a plug for where you’re working. And I didnt even touch BBC options….

    ~Ben F. Badger Jr. / FIU Alumni

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