Welcome to college, being spoon fed not an option

Nerlyn Galan/Contributing Writer

It’s time for lunch and you have a decision to make. With so many choices it’s hard to always make the healthiest decision, because of this we usually see a mile-long line at Burger King and very few people at Salad Creations.

Looking around I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons we make such poor dietary choices stems, for those of us who enrolled in college directly after graduation, in our reliance on High School’s structure. There, everything was handed to us:portioned, cooked and chosen with discretion. Even the vending machines were controlled with healthy snack and drink choices. So we were never left to make healthy choices on our own.

While discussing my viewpoint with my english professor, Manuel Duasso, he pointed out that this issue didn’t just affect our eating habits, but also many other choices that we make in college. That many students weren’t just eating unhealthy but also making bad decisions in other area’s like study habits, going to class, and excessive partying. When I asked him why he explained “It’s like a pendulum from regiment to free choice; A paradigm shift almost. In high school you have so little choice that when you enter college you have so much free choice that it becomes difficult, and students will play around with bad choices just because they can.”

In high school we are told when to start the day, what to wear, what classes to pick, when and what to eat, unlike in college. It’s a military system where every moment of every day is controlled and regulated.

This system is hurting us. The moment some of us leave this system we get so drunk on freedom that we make poor decisions.

Thats why we see girls walking around in ten inch heels and booty shorts, students skipping a four hundred and fifty dollar class, people partying every night instead of studying, while others are getting so high and intoxicated they don’t bother to wake up the next day for class. Is High School really preparing us for life in college?

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna stay on the safe side and double think every choice I make, because diabetes is just the beginning.

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