Music Beat: Murs and Fashawn; Handguns; Sera Cahoone

Antonella Morales/Columnist

Murs and FashawnThis Generation-Duck down music

Great for Rap fans, but That May Be It

If you listen to rap music, then this is one album that you can’t ignore. But if you don’t listen to rap, that doesn’t mean you should completely overlook it. For his forthcoming album, Murs teamed up with West Coast rapper Fashawn, and created catchy beats with killer rhymes. Yes, there are songs, like “64 Impala” and the album’s first single, “Slash Gordon,” that somewhat adhere to the mainstream rap today.
However, there are songs like the album’s title track “This Generation,” which is a song about the modern day generation and “Future Love,” a song that takes on a “one that got away” theme, but also lets the audience know that women need to be treated right. It’s songs like these that give rap the in-depth style it used to have, and it’s songs like these that should remind us the underground rap scene deserves significant respect.

HandgunsAngst-Pure noise

Generic, but keeps pop-punk fans happy

On their debut album, Handguns keeps in touch with the pop-punk sound so much, that if you don’t listen to pop-punk, you’d think you’re listening to the same song at one point.
Despite that, anyone who likes pop-punk should definitely listen to this album. In the first track, “Porch Light,” you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the poppy guitar riffs and the fast beats that seem so in sync with the appealing lyrics.
“Early Retirement” is also a fun track on the album that shows how much someone can hate their job. But the fun part is the dialogue between an employee and his boss.
The best song, however, is probably “The War At Home,” which is a powerful song with a chilling chorus that practically leaves you to answer the question as to who the singer, Taylor Eby, is talking about.

Sera CahooneDeep Creek Canyon-Sub pop

Sara Bareilles with a guitar in the background

Sera Cahoone’s new album is the kind of album you want to hear when you’re recovering from a mentally-exhausting day.
Its soothing guitar and nature-friendly lyrics will easily paint pictures of the woods, animals and serene nature. From the first track, “Deer Creek Canyon,” Cahoone lays out what seems to be her love of nature for everyone to see. Then her mood changes to her single “Naked,” where she talks about how vulnerable she and others can be.
However, songs with catchy and meaningful verses and soothing music in the background already exist. In the end, this album might be a hit-or-miss, but you won’t be able to deny that, with a guitar and catchy verses, Cahoone can set a mood and definitely make you think, even if thinking is the last thing you want to do.

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