You have to market your brand accordingly

Jenna Kefauver/Staff Writer

Some advice:

I know we’re all young and cute and like to party, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Especially not the pictures where you’re falling over drunk on some random guy or girl.

That’s not cute. It’s not going to get you any admirers, or jobs for that matter.

In case you haven’t been informed, your potential employers will check your Facebook and they will find that most incriminating picture of you, the one where you’re drunk with the sombrero at that party. If there are pictures of you from the same party where you look sober, post them. But if it looks like the kid standing next to you has been your crutch for the last 30 minutes, leave it off. And definitely don’t post that picture of you holding/using some kind of illegal drug. It’s — wait for it — illegal. If you’re doing this on campus or in your dorm, the cops can arrest you.

No employer is going to look at these pictures and think, “Wow! Let’s hire that person!”

And do you really want to embarrass yourself that badly?

And, if you have a small child and you are in your twenties, stop posting pictures of yourself half naked and drunk on Facebook, especially when your kids are involved. After creating statuses about how difficult it is to be a single parent, and about how you have no money, to then show that you can afford to go out and get trashed goes beyond being a questionable parent. Child Protective Services would probably disapprove.

Also, if the majority of your photos on Facebook are of you in bathing suits or less….switch it up a bit. Try something with some clothing, maybe. That could work.

Which brings me to my next point, which I know has been beaten into all of you enough times. Be safe on the Internet. Please. If you meet someone online and they want to meet you somewhere, bring a friend. And tell people where you’re going. The Buddy System may sound lame, but it’s a good idea.

And no, I’m not all that experienced, but I’ve watched enough Dateline and SVU to know that anything you put on the Internet stays there forever. And a lot of it can get you into all kinds of trouble.

So, whatever you decide, just please be safe. Or just don’t be friends with me on Facebook, where I have to see it.

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