Panther Power restructures its editorial board

Manuel Cedeño / Contributing writer

After Panther Power’s sudden depletion of organization members at the start of the spring 2012 semester, it had to be put on hold for recruitment purposes.

With the start of the fall term and the amount of new students at Biscayne Bay Campus, Panther Power was able to restructure its editorial board and start the recruitment process for new members.

Panther Power is a BBC organization that promotes and supports the athletic teams.  The organization hosts athletic geared pep rallies and events. The mission is to invoke a sense of pride in each student and enhance a sense of community.

“We’re looking for general members to help us set up for pep rallies, give out freebies and since we take the shuttle over to Modesto Maidique Campus for the football games, people to help us sign students in. Just general members, like 20 to 25 students,” said Rebecca Merek, vice president of Panther Power.

Panther Power still needs two more people to complete the editorial board, a secretary and a parliamentarian.

“We actually created a survey, asking the student body if they’ve heard of Panther Power, what interests them and other important questions. We also hope to gain more exposure through our Facebook page and word of mouth,” said Victoria Douglas, president of Panther Power.

The surveys will be sent out via mass email and were also found at Homecoming’s Kick-Off by the Bay which happened yesterday afternoon, Oct. 9 at 3 p.m.

Panther Power will also be promoting their organization at the swimming tri-meet versus Florida State University and Florida Atlantic University at BBC’s pool Oct. 20 at 10 a.m.

Ivy Siegel Mack, assistant director of Student Life, and Gary Santos, a graduate assistant, have been leading the ‘revamping of Panther Power’ by guiding the new council members as to how to set up and coordinate future events.

“We want to make sure that they’re ready to be on their own two feet and run the council and organization.  With my help and with Ivy’s help we’re trying to steer them down the path they need to go, helping them get involved and gain experience setting up events and pep rallies,” said Santos.

Other than the possible assembly of a step team and a dance team, the board members do not have any plans for the spring semester.

“We just want people to know who Panther Power is at BBC as well as at MMC. We want to have a hand in more than just shuttles to football games.  We want to be able to bring in school spirit back to BBC,” said Douglas.

“And not only who Panther Power is, but who BBC is,” said Merek. “We have a swim team, and we have athletes here as well and just as much spirit and school pride as MMC.”

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