Wear your own colors

Anthony Cave/Staff Writer

Our colors are blue and gold. Not green and orange. Not blue and orange. And not
garnet and gold either.

Around campus, license plates, lanyards and sweaters have displayed everything but the former.

It seems like some students are part of these schools’ respective marketing teams, because these colors do not belong at our school.

Unless you simultaneously attend another university or have legacy through family ties, the only colors you should be representing are blue and gold.

The sports argument, “I root for team X because of their team,” is a moot point.
FIU sports have already begun their move to Conference USA. And come fall, we will
face stiffer competition.

Our football alumnus T.Y. Hilton already got off to a great start last year as an Indianapolis Colts wide receiver. So, be proud.

Academically, FIU was ranked by Money Magazine as one of the top 10 public
commuter colleges in the United States. And we are among the best when it comes
to graduating minorities, especially Hispanics.

This year, former Pentagon official Frank O. Mora will serve as director of FIU’s
Latin American and Caribbean Center.

FIU also announced this past Wednesday that it will obtain the Aquarius Reef Base, the “world’s only operational underwater research center.”

Located 60 miles underwater at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, it
would be a remarkable acquisition. The structure allows scientists to live and work
underwater for days at a time without coming up for air.

And while February marks the annual Food Network South Beach Wine & Food
Festival, this year, an FIU student will have a chance to have his or her burger recipe
produced and featured at the festival thanks to the Red Robin Savory Scholarship

The student that submits the winning burger recipe will also get a three-month
internship with Red Robin at their facility in Denver. And they will receive a $10,000
scholarship as well.

So, whether it is sports, academics or even food, our university stands out. The blue and gold demands the same respect.