Sugar daddies: not as sweet as they seem

Getting an education is important, but some students are taking incredible measures to afford it.

University students are willing to go as far as prostitution, or what many are referring to as “companionship,” to pay for their education., a website dedicated to matching “sugar babies” with “sugar daddies,” recently reported that FIU is the seventh fastest growing sugar baby schools, based on new sign ups in 2012.

These sugar daddies are willing to pay the tuition, loans and debts all in return for some “companionship” from their designated baby.

While the site has a strict policy on prohibiting any language that implicates prostitution, they don’t control what happens behind closed doors, and we’re sure they’re not gullible enough to believe that students are just spending quality time with someone who’s willing to pay off a $30,000 school loan.

It smells like a front for high-end prostitution if you ask us.

Not only is prostitution illegal, it’s dangerous. Assault and rape is all too common in prostitution, which is why it’s known as the most dangerous job in America.

With the increase in tuition, we understand that many students can no longer afford an education and are forced to take out loans, stacking on a debt that is unlikely to be paid off easily. But no one ever said it would be easy. But it’s most definitely possible.

There are multiple ways to pay for school, and it can start by simply getting a job. This is not easy either, particularly with the job market as it is now, but again, it is possible. is not the solution to the problem.

No amount of money is good enough to bargain with your life. You never know who someone really is when online dating. According to a global research by OpinionMatters, 53 percent of American people surveyed said they lied in their online dating profiles.

Resorting to this website is not in your best interest. As college students, you’re much smarter than that. To think that someone is willing to give you a monthly allowance of $5,000 dollars for friendship in return is ludicrous. No one is that generous, and it’s certainly not out of the kindness of their heart.

While it seems like easy money, it won’t be as easy to live with yourself after the fact. This is your education. Expensive or not, you chose this path for yourself. A path that we all hope will one day lead us to a successful career. So how can we strive for so much, but respect ourselves so little? is bad news waiting to happen. So think twice before you get yourself into a situation that might possibly scar you emotionally and physically for the rest of your life.