Back to the balancing act

Michae Baisden/Opinion Writer

Spring has begun and I settle into the familiar feeling of waking up with worry, calling three different people for one simple question and walking into advising with 12 students ahead of me.

This is my eighth, and last, semester at FIU and the first day never gets easier.

My great hope is that all of you had a less stressful day than I, but in most instances this is not the case.

As the new Opinion editor for the Beacon, board member of FIU’s revived Society of Professional Journalism chapter, and aspiring graduate, the pile of responsibilities just hit me around 12 p.m. Monday morning.

I look at other students around me, juggling internships, full school schedules, a steady relationship, a job, extracurricular activities and their sanity and I admire each of them.  I looked to them as role models each time I took on a new position.

But I think those people I look to are super human. I don’t know how these people find the balance to do it all.

But that is my mission, and the mission for many of us as students and people in this world.

Balance. It is the one thing we should all strive for.

Balance between your boyfriend and your girl friends. Family and friends. Work and play. Food and fasting.

It may appear to many of us that balance is nearly impossible. But I never look as impossibility as a possibility.

So in between ordering books and preparing for finals, teetering on the thin wire between you and graduation.

Take a moment to breathe. It’s a balancing act.