FIJI Dominates Sigma Chi In Defensive Show

By: Jolson Diaz/contributing writer

“Ankles!” “Ankles!” “Ankles!”

That was the only comeback chant Sigma Chi’s crowd could muster after a superb crossover move by Tony Morales on Phi Gamma Delta’s Devonte Jones that left him lying on the court. But despite that lone shining moment for Sigma Chi, the team suffered a 62-14 loss against FIJI at FIU’s Rec Center on Feb. 12.

FIJI showed dominance defensively on the court early, starting the game with six straight steals thanks to Adam Villar and Ivan Garcia. It took 15 minutes for Sigma Chi to make its first two points of the game, which were two free throw shots by Morales.

FIJI continued to show off its defense, forcing Sigma Chi to commit 11 turnovers during the first half. A solid block shot from Noel Allen got the FIJI crowd roaring, as FIJI finished the first half up by 33 points.
“It was exciting seeing my guys play hard defense, that’s one thing I always want to see out of them,” said FIJI’s Head Coach Wilver Almarales. “Sigma Chi is a great team and we want to show them respect by playing hard the whole game and not taking anything for granted.”

Sigma Chi players did not let the large deficit affect their confidence, starting the second half with a layup from Morales and a three-point shot from Jose Garcia. Another block shot by Allen got FIJI back in pace as it took control of the game, making 12 straight shots.

FIJI’s dominance cut the game short five minutes when the 48-point deficit proved too much for Sigma Chi to comeback.
FIJI remains undefeated keeping it in first place and will go onto face Lambda Chi Alpha next week on Feb. 19.


Alpha & Kappas staved off a couple of close comebacks by Tau Kappa Epsilon to take the 60-32 victory on Feb. 12.
Despite the final score, TKE and Alpha & Kappas started the game neck to neck. A layup on one end of the court led to a layup on the other. Alpha & Kappas started showing its athletic ability as Charles “Chew” English slammed down a hard dunk and Alfonso Davis sent a block shot across the court.

“We are a really athletic team,” Alpha & Kappas Andrew Philatre said. “We were able to outrun them on certain plays since we’re big guys and we always play hard.”

Alphas & Kappas continued to go on a tear. Three-point shots from Harold Torbert and Davis kept their offence in sync, while McKinley Allen and Sorrel Stewart got the defense going forcing TKE into numerous turnovers.

Relying on team chemistry proved vital for Alphas & Kappas players because they didn’t have time to practice during the week.
“We usually have no time because of school to get together during the week to practice,” Philatre said. “We are all fraternity brothers so we’re all real close. Our team chemistry is a huge reason we play so well.”

However, Alphas & Kappas’ lack of practice together showed from time to time. The team’s five turnovers cut the deficit to nine points, but that was as far as it would go for TKE as Alphas & Kappas strong offense kept their momentum up.
Sanford Barbiee, Stewart and Allen all contributed to sealing the deal for Alphas & Kappas during the latter half of the second quarter. The game would end with about two minutes remaining as it was clear TKE was not coming back from this one.

Alphas & Kappas remain undefeated keeping it in first place and will go onto face Theta Chi next week on Feb. 12.