21 and over: the myth about Miami

Ashley Valentin/Contributing Writer

It’s no secret that Miami is a party city. The beaches are lined with clubs and lounges and every other person is a promoter, a DJ, or a bartender. In a city catered to adults looking to have a good time it’s understandable that people under the age of 21 feel a little left out.

Miami seems unfriendly towards 18-20 year olds, but does that mean that the popular cry, “There’s nothing to do if you’re not 21” is justified?

If you’re looking at the club and bar scene, then yes; it’s very difficult for someone under the age of 21 to have a good time in this city. I can’t even begin to count how many times I haven’t been able to get into a club or bar and stood looking in from the outside like a hungry beggar child.

And let’s not talk about how many times my over 21 friends have gone out and have had to un-invite me because they were going somewhere a youngin’ like me couldn’t get into.

For guys, however, it’s worse. A lot of clubs advertise themselves as “Girls 18 and over. Guys 21 and over.” So while girls get to go party, guys are left on the sidelines.

But saying that there’s nothing fun to do in Miami unless you’re 21 is a little bit of an exaggeration.

And it’s also relative to your idea of fun.

I personally can’t go out clubbing all the time. As much as I love twerking to a Swedish House song surrounded by sweaty drunk people on a Saturday night, it gets tiring very fast. I’d rather be somewhere where I can actually hear my friends talk.

“Between 18 and 21 you should be going to house parties and crazy adventures, not clubbing every weekend. Miami is not so bad. Not as bad as the fresh-out-of-highschool emo ducklings make it out to be!” said senior Alex Rodriguez.

Outside of bars and 21+ clubs like LIV, Miami is home to a thriving art scene in Wynwood, has skateparks, and music hot spots like The Vagabond, The Stage, and Grand Central.
Miami is full of 18 and over clubs like Club Space, and awesome arcades like Odyssey for the days you wanna own your friends in Super Smash.

Plus there are plenty of beaches for parties and drum circles, karaoke bars like Studio that don’t have an age limit—so long as you buy something cheap like a glass of water at the bar.

And lets be honest, most people under the age of 21 drink at family parties or a friend’s house anyways, so it’s not like anyone is really missing out on being able to drink.

Miami is full of things to do, but you have to know where to look.

And really if you can’t think of anything to do other than drink at a bar or go to an over 21 club, you might just be a little boring.