VP files writ against President Farinas

Natasha Roque/Contributing Writer

A Petition for a writ of certiorari has officially been issued to the MMC Student Body Supreme Court in the case of MMC Student Body Vice President and MMC Senate President, Alex Castro, as well as fellow case petitioner and former Housing Senator, Dean Gabriel Williams, against current MMC Student Body President and University Trustee, Laura Farinas, and MMC Student Body Senate Internal Affairs Committee Chairwoman, Vanessa Martinez. This petition, where the members of the losing party of a case provide the Supreme Court with supplemental information for the review and potential appellation of a previous court decision, could see the removal of both President Farinas and Chairwoman Martinez from office this spring 2013 semester should the writ of certiorari be granted.

Vice President Castro and fellow petitioner, Williams, make a pointed argument in their Petition for a writ of cert, concisely and efficiently outlining eight counts of constitutional violations made under the power of President Farinas and Chairwoman Martinez.  Castro stated in the writ that “all disbursements from the Student Body Budget at or above $3,000 must have the approval of the Campus Student Body President and the Campus Student Body Treasurer,” as also proven inconsistent by records retrieved from the Student Government Office Manager.

Farinas wrote to Student Media in an email that “I am disappointed that Vice President Castro did not bring these claims to my attention in September but instead, spent valuable time writing a 90 page writ regarding purchases of $120 that were signed off by University Officials and ultimately given to students. This is a poor use of his time as Vice President and an FIU student leader and I think that he should reconsider and re-prioritize where his time and efforts are going.”