BBC’s pantherization continues with new panther statue

Ackena Miller/ Contributing Writer 

Although the project has not been completed yet, there are already expectations of what the Panther Statue will bring to Biscayne Bay Campus’ spirit.

Pablo Haspel, president of Student Government Council at BBC believes the creation of a statue here at BBC would leave a legacy and create memories for this generation and generations set to come.

“Since the opening of the school there has not been anything that is symbolic and represents the entire history of FIU,” said Haspel.

The statue that was unveiled in front of the U.S Century Bank Arena at Modesto Maidique Campus this past January was built to create a new tradition and create more school spirit.

Haspel expects the same result at BBC. He believes that the statue would serve as an inspiration for past, current and future FIU students.

“As beautiful as it is here on campus, the statue would entice people to stay on campus.” said Pablo.

The statue will cost approximately $55,000. This money came from accumulations of Student Government Association Budget allocations over the past two years. It will weigh almost 2,000 pounds.

The statue for BBC is expected to be ready during Welcome Week of fall 2013.

Money was put aside to fund the project every year since 2010. During the 2010-2011 school year, $10,000 was put aside, in 2011-2012, $20,000 was put aside and finally, in 2012-2013, $30,000.

There has not been a set location determined for the statue. The statue is the latest of many pantherization initiatives at BBC which Haspel has attempted to accomplish while president.

“The statue will be the latest embodiment of the continuing evolution of our University,” Haspel said.