SPC reveals artists for upcoming Uproar Concert

Edwive Seme/Staff Writer

Many things were revealed on Monday, Feb. 25 during the Student Programming Council’s Uproar Reveal, including the winner of the Uproar DJ battle, people’s deepest thoughts, and what artists would be playing at the Uproar concert which will take place on April 5. The event, which was held in the Graham Center Ballrooms, was full of entertainment for the attendees as they impatiently waited for the announcement of the artists.

Three rooms were available to students, all there to entertain. The main room was filled with music from the competing DJ’s band and FIU’s Tokyo Love Bots – who wowed the attendees with two performances to old and new songs, and popular hits like “Gangnam Style” and the “Harlem Shake.” In another room, laser tag games were held among students and in another, there was everything from cotton candy stations to creativity stations where students decorated wooden pins with glitter of different colors that SPC provided.

There was also a photo booth for students with plenty of props, goofy hats and masks. The event didn’t fall short of entertaining, as the four DJs’ competition provided plenty of song mash-ups to heat up the crowd and students shared their opinions via Twitter and had them displayed on the big screen SPC had set up. The competition included DJ Christofino, DJ Ralph, DJ House Junkie and DJ Savi; but in the end, only DJ House Junkie came out a victor based on the judges’ decision.

As an award, DJ House Junkie will get to perform during the Uproar Concert. In addition to the music provided from the DJs, there was also a live band, Rezolution, made up of four members, mostly University students. During recessions from the DJs bumping sounds, Rezolution would calm the crowd down with their chill sounds of pop and R&B, before SPC’s special guest arrived. “Performing was amazing,” said Nick Duran, who was performing with the band for the the first time. “It was a great experience.”

Besides performing, Duran also found some other key moments exciting. “The magician brought in an interesting little vibe and he announced who [the artists] were going to be,” Duran said. “It’s just exciting.”

To end the event, SPC brought out mentalist Bill Crane who blew students’ minds with his mind reading, predictions and psychic abilities. From card tricks, to predicting people’s decisions, his performance left the audience in awe.

To close up the event, Crane revealed the artists who would be performing at the Uproar Concert: 30H!3 and Trey Songz. Hearing this brought excitement to some, like sophomore Emily Vasquez, a criminal justice major, who said, “I’m happy because I’ve been a big fan of 30H!3 since middle school.”

The announcement got rid of indecisions and even changed minds. “I didn’t want to go at first. I’ve never been to Uproar because I didn’t like the artists,” said Kalondra McPhaul, a sophomore and psychology student who loves Trey Songz. “After I heard the artists, I was like ‘Yea, FIU’s stepping up. Good job.’” University students can pick up their tickets at Campus Life in GC 2240 by presenting their Panther IDs. The concert will take place during Uproar week, starting April 5.