Football players air soft guns confiscated, charged with simple assault

Brandon Wise/ News Director

On Feb. 24, FIU Police received a disturbance call at the University Park Towers and was dispatched. Upon arrival, the residential assistant notified police that he had witnessed two football players, Marques Cheeks and Raymond Jackson, shooting each other with two airsoft rifles, or pellet guns, in the hallway.

Both offenders admitted that they were shooting each other with pellets. Defensive line coach Andre Patterson was notified and both offenders were released per Sergeant Tomassini. Both of the airsoft rifles were confiscated and impounded.

The following night, police was dispatched to the University Park Towers in reference to people arguing in the parking lot. Victim 1 stated that he and his girlfriend were sitting in his vehicle and then parked in a parking space to talk.

Then, another vehicle came up next to them and proceeded to taunt them to move. He then stated that he moved his vehicle and parked it at the entrance of Towers. He said that one of the males, later identified as Jeremiah McKinnon, came around his vehicle and reached inside and attempted to strike him at which time he quickly drove off and called police. The girlfriend in the vehicle also stated that she exited the vehicle and began to argue with the three males that were in the car.

Shortly after the investigating officer spoke with the victim and witness, the three males returned to the scene and were identified as McKinnon, Jahkari Gore and Richard Leonard. The three were placed under investigative detention. Gore then provided a voluntary written statement stating that McKinnon, Leonard and he did get into a verbal exchange referencing a parking space.

He also stated that McKinnon did approach the vehicle of Victim 1 and reached in to attempt to punch him, but missed.

McKinnon has a pretrial hearing scheduled for March 27.

FIU athletics released a statement about both of these incidents saying, “Coach is aware of the incidents and will deal appropriately with the student-athletes involved.”