Candidates disqualified for upcoming SGA Elections

Brandon Wise and Nadra Mabrouk/ FIUSM Staff

Alex Castro and Pablo Haspel have been disqualified as candidates in he upcoming Student Government Elections.

Castro is currently the Student Government Council at Modesto Madique Campus vice president and Haspel president of the SGC at Biscayne Bay Campus.

The disqualification comes for Castro due to an “incomplete” application submission.

“I was verbally notified. I have yet to receive an official notification of my disqualification. The reasoning for my disqualification was due to an “incomplete” application my vice presidential candidate, Phillip Koening, submitted. However, per constitution, we met all requirements and that is why I submitted an appeal to the elections commission,” Castro said in a statement to Student Media. “I believe the appeal will be heard on March 18. In addition, the commission, in collaboration with Campus Life, are not executing the required laws. They are operating under the old vague laws and they are disregarding the Elections Code Reformation Act of 2012; a reform I spent six months to accomplish. I am also filing suit to the court for their failure of keeping the integrity of the institution of student government.”

Haspel declined to comment on the situation to Student Media.

A third candidate was also disqualified from the elections at the Biscayne Bay Campus, but that person is yet to be identified. Rafael Zapata, assistant director of Student Affairs, who advises SGC-BBC, told Student Media that he cannot release the candidates’ name until Monday when the elections committee meets officially.

Charles Perretti, elections Commissioner for the Modesto Madique Campus, did not return Student Media phone calls as of press time for this story.

Michelle Castro, Assistant Director of Campus Life, who advises SGC-MMC, would not comment as of press time.

This story will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.