Battle for Panthers takes to the air

Patrick Chalvire/Staff Writer

Thursday morning brought out the FIU football team for their second spring practice. Though the pads won’t be used until Saturday’s practice, there was a lot to look forward to, including the various wide receivers battling for playing time.

The wide receiver spot, which includes 15 players vying for an opportunity to showcase their talent, isn’t a position that will come easy to evaluate for quarterbacks and Wide Receivers Coach Cameron Turner.

“You can’t get as many reps as you like,” Turner said. “You’re rotating guys trying to learn about them, see their talents, see what their strengths are. There’s not enough reps in practice to see all that.”

Turner does have some help teaching many of the younger and inexperienced receivers in senior wide receivers Willis Wright and Glenn Coleman. Wright and Coleman have taken the role of leaders and helped build a base for others to look up to.

“Willis and Glenn have taken a leadership role and you can tell they’re the veteran guys,” said Turner. “Those guys have come a long way. We build a foundation off leadership.”

As a whole, the team continues to progress day-by-day and continue to show the enthusiasm the coaching staff is looking for. Though the team may not be anywhere near the coaching staff’s expectations yet, they are headed in the right direction early in the spring.

Head Coach Ron Turner is not rushing to get the Panthers ready. As long as the team learns a little more each day at a time, they will already be on Turners’ timeline for the fall season.

“I tell them everyday we come out here we have to get a little bit better,” said Ron Turner. “We have a lot of things to work on, a lot of things to clean up. We’re not anywhere close to where we need to be but we got a little better. As long as we get a little better and the energy level is high, that’s a good thing.”


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