Women fighting uphill battle to complete

Rhys Williams/staff writer

Normally, people would expect a team that is competing for a national title to be treated well by their respective school.

Teams may expect some more funding and maybe even some recognition from their school.

However, the women’s rugby team here hasn’t received any of this and are even looked over for field space to practice.

On March 21, when the team was practicing on the grass fields at Tamiami Park, after having gotten the authorization to do so, they were approached by officials from the fair telling the team that they had to move to make way for more parking for fair-goers.

“It is an uphill battle that we have to fight,” Head Coach Trevor Alfred said. “We get disregarded in being able to use to the multi-use fields at the school. Sports like intramural flag-football, soccer, and even the quidditch team get priority over us for use of the fields. We are actually practicing for something big, whereas most of the activities we have to move for don’t leave the campus.”

One of the team’s primary practice spot is in the southwest corner of Tamiami Park, near the Slugger’s batting cages, which is not in good shape.

“It is not a very big space and is rocky and has holes,” Alfred said.

The team, via a press release over Facebook, is currently ranked No.1 within the Division II Women’s Rugby League in the state. They will compete in the upcoming USA Rugby’s South Championships in Georgia, the national playoffs in Pennsylvania and the USA Rugby Women’s Collegiate National Championships in California. However, they are asking for support of their journey as the only thing that the school will pay for are tournament fees.

The Recreation Center provides funding, anywhere from $150 to $300, for tournament fees. Funds that go towards jerseys, travel and board when need be are all through fundraising by the teams and donations.

For more information on the team, you can visit their website at freeteams.net/fiuwomensrugby


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