Spending time wisely on spring break

Jenna Kefauver/Staff Writer


I’ve never been into the crazy spring break thing. I lived in Miami for three years and lived near Daytona Beach for a year. Pretty much the spring break capitals. I didn’t (and still don’t) understand drinking so much that you end up on Girls Gone Wild or YouTube or in jail or what have you.

I thought maybe that was because I wasn’t 21. But here I am, 21 years and five months old, and I still don’t get it.

I went to the Keys, sat by the pool, tanned and enjoyed myself and “did my beach bum thing.” It was amazing. I never have time to do that. Ever.

Spring break has changed for me in the past few years, which I attribute to the fact that I am now both an adult and over 21, but I still never felt the need to go all out and be all kinds of crazy.

I used my remaining spring break as a time to calm down, unwind and get loads of sleep. I slept in every day, which I’m never able to do. I went to the gym because I finally had time, but then of course, I totally ruined the time I spent at the gym by going home and eating cake and pie and everything else, but I don’t care because it was great.

And then I did homework.

Yes, the horror of homework on spring break. But it has to be done.

While I think that spring break is about relaxing, some people relax by getting wasted, and that’s cool too. And even though I didn’t go crazy, I saw enough pictures of people doing just that. So I guess I just lived vicariously through my Facebook friends who went a little harder than I would.

I don’t think that getting naked on the beach is what spring break is about. It’s public indecency. But that’s what it seems like people think spring break is for now.

I do, however, understand that the meaning of spring break for many is “Drink as much as possible in the time span of a week” and as long as you’re over 21 and safe, then who am I to tell you what to do? Just because it’s not mine doesn’t mean it can’t be yours.
So use your next spring break and the spring breaks after that as a time to calm down, or, well, rage, before you have to go back to real life and school. Especially because after college, there’s a 95 percent chance you won’t have a spring break. Relish the free time you have now. Make the most of your time to relax. And if your way of relaxing is getting drunk on the beach, that’s great. Do your thing. Have fun. Just be safe, guys.