Coming back from a stressful semester

Vinson Pressley/Staff Writer


A student’s college career can be full of incredible and awesome experiences, tremendous opportunities and semesters replete with numerous achievements.


However, the college career is a long journey and sometimes we have that semester where we stumble and can’t seem to regain our stride.


We temporarily lose our confident bounce in our step because of a class that seems nearly impossible to pass or have a class schedule and workload that seems to devour all 168 hours in a week.


Perhaps it’s a semester where nothing seems to go a student’s way: carefully thought-out plans become undone due to unexpected external occurrences or significant personal goals are sacrificed for activities that may not be interesting but must be done. Simply put, it’s that one semester where you’re just off your game.


The “off your game” semester can be a frustrating period of time where one feels utterly drained of energy, motivation and overall happiness; even a student’s confidence might take a hit.


I know from firsthand experience what this feels like and how it can take a toll.


Although it is very demanding and tough to endure these nightmare semesters, one has to remember their capabilities and not allow their circumstances to completely ruin and diminish confidence and the overall college experience.


Easier said than done, but it can be done.


If someone went through the semester where challenging courses overshadowed the best effort of the student and a below decent grade was earned, engage in serious reflection and figure out what went wrong and apply those lessons in the future so history isn‘t repeated.


Although it hurts to know that a high GPA might take a potential skydive downward, the college career is long and if lessons are learned, there will be plenty of opportunities to bring it back up.


If the semester has been incredibly busy, some students may feel there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done and they feel overwhelmed.


Take a step back and break all of your big responsibilities down into little tasks, instead of looking at the mountain of assignments and responsibilities as a whole, just take it step by step and knock out everything one at a time.


Before it is even noticeable, most of the tasks in that planner will be checked off. This will surely put a mind at ease.


No matter how tough and frustrating a semester gets or whether or not one finished a semester as strong as they could have, learn from those less than favorable experiences and try not to let those experiences diminish confidence in yourself.